• Paula Patton

  • Jessica Simpson

  • Matthew McConaughey

  • Peter Dinklage

Petro Poroshenko

Name: Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko
Born: 26 September 1965
Nationality: Ukrainian
Category: Pol

Viktor Orban

Name: Orban Viktor
Born: 31 May 1963
Nationality: Hungarian
Category: Politician

Valtteri Bottas

Name: Valtteri Bottas
Born: 28 August 1989
Nationality: Finnish
Category: Racing driver

James Harden

Name: James Edward Harden, Jr.

Carmelo Anthony

Name: Carmelo Kyam Anthony
Born: May 29, 1984
Nationality: American
Category: Basketball Player

LaMarcus Aldridge

Name: LaMarcus Nurae Aldridge
Born: July 19, 1985
Nationality: American
Category: Basketball Pla

Paul George

Name: Paul George
Born: May 2, 1990
Nationality: American
Category: Basketball Player

Kevin Durant

Name: Kevin Wayne Durant
Born: September 29, 1988
Nationality: American
Category: Basketball Pla

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One of the most popular categories is "Actors and Actress". Wonder why? Maybe because all of them create in us a role model and in many of cases we unconsciously emulate them. As you might suspect it would be very difficult to make a data base with any of current or former actor/actress, so at this moment our website concentrates on the most popular one. Singer and Musicians category is almost as popular as Actors and Actress. In this section we posted one of the most popular singers and musicians for all times. Of Course there are a lot of faces which are not been uploaded yet but we are continually adding new. So if your favorite singer is not on the list yet check out after a couple of days. The third most popular category is Athletes. Here we are posted a lot of celebrities in a different kind of sport starting with basketball and finish with motorsports. In Designer's section you will find all of people who were made any of objects around us. Examples such as fashion designers, car designers and the like. One of our most favorite category is this one of "Inventors & Scientists". These people draw inspiration and motivation. For us they are the real engines of human revolution. Since the vast majority of people deserve to be here do not have any photographs we restrict to those who have some. Thats why you probably will no find anything about Archimedes. The next category in our celebrities website is one of the most favorite places for many of you. It is called "Models" and if you click on this link you will find a lot of preaty girls and womens (also there a few guys but they certainly give their way to more beautiful part of humanity). The most controversial part of our site that includes politicians. Many of them are controversial biography, and one of you would think that they belong here. However, we believe that every famous person in our society has a place in history and therefore in our registry website. In short all this is a summary of what you can expect in the pages of our website. If you can not navigate the menus and our navigation more comfortable you can use our search engine. The only condition is to type the name you are searching for a person properly. Celebrities are the role model. The Children has their favorite celebrities on to imitation.

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