Amber Heard
Name: Amber Laura Heard
Born: April 22, 1986
Nationality: American
Category: Actress / Model
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Amber Heard -The Girl With A Dream
Amber heard is truly one of the finest actresses among today’s time. But then now a day besides her mind blowing movies, she has been in news due to her affairs with the famous actor Johnny Depp. This couple is hitting the news everywhere due to their excellent chemistry but then here with the help of this article we will be highlighting the career path of amber heard and her various personal life incidents for our readers across the world. One of the best things about this amazing actress is that she never really taken her failure seriously, she has been a strong hearted fighter and thus came back with a bang with her so many well known films over the last few years. Know the basic information about the actress.

The famous actress Amber Heard was born on April 22 in the year 1986 in Austin Texas, United States. Friday Nights Lights was her initial film based on Sports. Her popularity came in her first show, in which she single-handedly carried the show on her shoulders and was appreciated for her hard work and mind-boggling performance. St Michael’s Catholic Academy located in Austin was the name of her school in which she was raised and got her education done until her young days. Later she realized that she was more inclined towards Acting and modelling due to which she went to Loss Angeles which paved her way to Hollywood where she tried her luck in the field of entertainment where competition is stiff. As a young child she was extremely enthusiastic about participating in Drama concerts and was chosen later for few commercials and short films as well.
The Bird who came out with flying colours: Her excellent acting abilities made her win an award at Young Hollywood Awards in the year 2008 which was her first major award for her part in Never Back Down and Pineapple Express. She has been rated as one of the most stunning actresses of America as her names has been included in various Static publications. Apart from films and modelling, her heart pounds for a million rate to fight for people who work under duress or without freedom and same sex marriage. She even supports girl education and signs up for many Social causes. It shows that she is kind enough because she respects everyone’s view and preferences and respects them equally with utmost attention.

Priceless Performance of the Star:
She even bagged in an award from the Hollywood Film Festival for her performance in The Rum Diary starring opposite Johnny Depp. Machete Kills, Three Days to Kill and Paranoia are few of her films in which she has given outstanding performances. She shot for two pre-recorded music programmes which was sung by the famous singer called Kenny Chesney’s named, my life. Besides this, there were some other performances that shock the world such as her amazing performance in the movie you are here which was out for the theatres in the year 2006 and then she did another mindboggling acting performance in her next movie price to pay, which was a huge success story at that time.

  • (2004) Friday Night Lights
  • (2005) Side FX
  • (2005) Drop Dead Sexy
  • (2005) North Country
  • (2006) Price to Pay
  • (2006) The Prince
  • (2006) Alpha Dog
  • (2006) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
  • (2007) Spin
  • (2007) Day 73 with Sarah
  • (2007) Remember the Daze
  • (2008) Never Back Down
  • (2008) Pineapple Express
  • (2008) The Informers
  • (2009) ExTerminators
  • (2009) The Joneses
  • (2009) Zombieland
  • (2009) The Stepfather
  • (2010) And Soon the Darkness
  • (2010) The River Why
  • (2010) The Ward
  • (2011) Drive Angry
  • (2011) The Rum Diary
  • (2013) Syrup
  • (2013) Paranoia
  • (2013) Machete Kills
  • (2014) 3 Days to Kill
  • (2015) The Adderall Diaries
  • (2015) One More Time
  • (2015) Magic Mike XXL
  • (2015) The Danish Girl
  • (2017) London Fields
  • (2017) I Do…Until I Don’t
  • (2017) Justice League
  • (2018) Aquaman

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