Name: Anthony D. Mackie
Born: September 23, 1978
Nationality: American
Category: Actor

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Anthony D. Mackie is a popular American Actor, known for his roles in feature films, tv series and various Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. Born on September 23rd 1978 this holly bigwig is known for his roles Drowning Crow, McReele, A Soldier’s Play and also Carl Hancock’s Rux’s Talk. This role bagged Mackie the much craved Obbie Award in the year 2002. In 2002 he was also featured in the debut Album of Eminem, called the 8 Mile. His nominations for the best actor in Independent Spirit Awards made him even more popular. He bagged these nominations for his roles in Brother to Brother and Hurt Locker.

Early life
Born in New Orleans Lousiana, Mackie had a humble background. He was the son of Martha and Willie Mackie, Sr., who was a carpenter, owning a roofing business. However, kindled by his dream of becoming an actor Mackie attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and even got the graduation degree of the Julliard School’s Drama division. This drama division also had top notch actors like Tracie Thomas and Lee Pace.

Career and Filmography
In the year 2002, Mackie was seen working as an understudy in a Suzan-Lori-Parks’ play called Topdog/Underdog. He even won the OBIE award for the play Talk. Mackie bagged his first independent role in the 2003 flick, Brother to Brother. Here he played the role of a young African American artist called Perry. In 2002, he appeared in the movie 8 mile. Here, he played Papa doc, possibly the nemesis of Eminem. Right after that he was again seen as a Rapper Tupac Shakur in the flick Notorious (2009).  His unconventional roles in Spik Lee’s She Hate Me and the 2001 Up Against the World have been widely praised by the critics.

Apart from these flicks and plays, Mackie was also seen in several biopics. In March 2008, he was seen in three plays by the popular playwright August Wilson. On top of that, he has also participated in various “24 Hours Plays” in the New York City that was staged in every fall.  In 2009, he starred as Pentheus, in the New York City Public Theatre. He also starred in A Behanding in Spokane on the popular Broadway theatre. Here, he starred alongside theatre bigwig Christopher Walken. Mackie is also a deft narrator and he narrataed director Jonathon Hock’s The Best That Never was and a documentary for the sports channel ESPN 30 for 30.

In 2011, he appeared in The Adjustment bureau, a movie by Matt Damon. In 2014, he co-starred in the Holly biggie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Right now he is working with a newcomer, Kenneth Burrs.

Relationships and personal life
Mackie and his steady girlfriend had their first baby boy in the year 2009. He also opened a bar in the summer of 2011. Unlike him, his brother had chosen the educational field and is now an Associate Professor in the Tulane University.

In November 2009, Mackie was arrested for drinking and driving in Halem.



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