David Cameron
Name: David William Donald Cameron
Born: 9 October 1966
Nationality: British
Category: Prime Minister / Politicain
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Brief Biography of David Cameron

David Cameron or David William Donald Cameron is the youngest British prime Minister in British history of about 200 years and have formed a Coalition Government with his Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats. He is a descendant of King William IV, and was born in an affluent English family. With his family background he got quality education and he excelled in the studies. Cameron became the youngest Prime Minister ever at Britain after Gordon Brown resigned as Prime Minister.

Early Life

On October 9, 1966 another descendant was born in the family of King William IV and father Ian and mother Mary Fleur named him David. He was brought up in Peasemore, Berkshire with his brother Alexander Allan and two sisters Tania Rachel and Clare Louise.

After excelling at the Heatherdown Preparatory School, David Cameron joined the top academic class, two years earlier at the age of 13. He went to Eton College for further studies which are famous as independent schools in the world. He learned Philosophy, Politics and Economics to get his Bachelor of arts degree and later on joined Brasenose College, Oxford to pass out with first class honors degree in the year 1988. He was described as ‘one of the ablest’ by his tutor in the college.

Early Political Career

He has worked as researcher for Tim Rathbone in 1984 after he left Eton. On completing graduation, Cameron started working for Conservative Party’s research department for a period of five years from 1988 to 1993. During this period in 1991, he began briefing then Prime Minister John major for his biweekly sessions. Next year he was promoted and made special adviser to Chancellor of Exchequer Norman Lamont. Later he was recruited to work in media relation role by Home Secretary Michael Howard. 1994 witnessed Cameron leaving politics to join as Director of Corporation affairs of British media company Carlton Communications. However, in order to fight for Parliamentary seat, he resigned from that role in 2001 and won the elections.

Political Success

In the elections of December 2005, David Cameron was declared leader of the conservative party. His views were to remodel the conservative party and his win was for his policy of inspiring the new generation. He made the party modern and also helped it shed the right-wing image. With his able leadership he won the general election and replaced Gordon Brown at the age of 43.

As he was short of twenty seats, he formed coalition government with Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister. He mentioned that his aim was to keep aside the party differences and work for the development of the country and in interest of the nation.

Personal Life

In the year 1996, Cameron married Samantha, who was daughter of landowner Sir Reginald Sheffield. Before moving to Downing Street, they lived in Notting Hill and had four children. However, their elder son Ivan died at the age of 6 after suffering from cerebral palsy and Ohtahara syndrome.

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