Josh Henderson
Name: Joshua Baret Henderson
Born: October 25, 1981
Nationality: American
Category: Actor / Model / Singer
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Josh Henderson is an American acting biggie, model and also a singer. Born in 25th October 1981 Henderson is loved for his role as John Ross Ewing III in the Dallas (2012-2014) series. Apart from that, he was also seen starring the role of Austin McCanon the popular TV series Desperate Housewives and a supporting role in the movie Step UP. Henderson became widely popular with The WB singing competition show called the Popstars. Here, he was one of the winning members, who had been chosen to be a member of the Pop Group scene.

Early Life
Born in Dallas, Texas, Henderson was the son of Sharon Lea Henderson. He spent his growing years in Tulsa Oklahoma. It was here, where he did his graduation in the year 2000. John Henderson has a rare condition where his two eye balls have different colors. The left eye ball is green while the right eye ball is blue. During his senior school years, Henderson enjoyed participating in baseball and other sports.

Career as a singer and actor
Henderson first came to public attention when he completed the second season of the poplar WBreality show, the Popstars. Here, he won a spot in the group called Scene 23. Right after that, he went on to complete his acting and modeling career. He had also continued a high end recording career. Henderson appeared in some extremely popular sitcoms like Maybe It’s me, 8 Simple Rules…….. for Dating My Teenage daughter, One on One, and so on. He made his film debut in the year 2003 for a horror video called the Leeches. On top of that, he had also appeared in the Girl Next Door, the following year.

In the year 2005, he was cast in a lead role on the popular drama series called Over There. Among movies, he is widely known for his awesome role in Step Up (2006). Here, he played the boyfriend of the lead, Jenna Dewan. Later in his career, he played the role of the protagonist in popular flicks like the FingerPrints, April Fool’s day and the popular rom-com The Jerk Theory. For the last movie, he even recorded the soundtrack which was again release on 2009.

In 2005 and 2006, Henderson appeared in some high end flicks like Yours, Mine and Ours and also Broken Bridges. Moreover, right during this time he even co-starred in the popular American TV series, Desperate Housewives. In 2008-09 he starred the movie Scene Investigation and the same year he was cast as the protagonist in the popular crime show CSI: Crime based investigation.

In February 2011, he bagged the lead role of John Ross Ewing III. His performance was praised by several critics and he was even called the Breakout star for his impeccable performances. His role in Rushlights, the 2012 flick has also been praised by critics. He had recently been seen in the movie Swelter, where he is playing the role of Boyd. Currently, he working in the TV series Dallas.

  • (2003) Leeches!
  • (2004) The Girl Next Door
  • (2005) Yours, Mine and Ours
  • (2006) Step Up
  • (2006) Broken Bridges
  • (2006) Fingerprints
  • (2008) April Fool’s Day
  • (2009) The Jerk Theory
  • (2012) Rushlights
  • (2014) Swelter

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