Name: Michael Fassbender
Born: 2 April 1977
Nationality: Irish-German
Category: Actor / Producer

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Michael Fassbender – The Raising Star Of X Men Series
Michael Fassbender, the famous German actor was born in the year of 1977. He has been one of the premier actors in the world cinema today due to his immense contributions in the movie industry and also due to his amazing films such as x men series movies which have been an immensely successful product across the globe due to its great story line and out of the box thinking. Even though he had been in news long before the x men series came up but then after the success of x men series there were no looking back for this famous actor.

Personal life
Every one wishes to know about the stars, and especially about their personal life such as what they were before becoming the famous faces across the nation or what they did in order to break into the lime light, their parents, schooling and all the other stuffs. Well in this section we will be discussing all of these and a lot more for your knowledge. He was born and brought up in Heidelberg, Germany. But then, even though he was born in Germany, his month was originated from Northern Ireland and his father was from a small town in Germany.

Family history
You will be amazed know that his mother comes from a patriotic family where his grandfather was an active member of the war of independence. But then after the independence his family moved into another place of Ireland and then they started their small business endeavours in restaurant. His father was a very good cock and thus he took up the responsibility of being the chief of their family restaurant. Fassbender has one elder sister who is now a days working as a neuropsychologist.

His Early works
At a very early age, he is keen to break into the acting industries and thus he tried his luck with various dramas, stage shows and eventually at the age of 19 he moved to London in order to study more about this field and industry. And finally he got his first opportunities at a play show named three sisters which gave him the much needed confidence to try harder in this field.
His remarkable roles in various movies.

Michael was first break into this movie industry with the lead role in the movie called inglorious bustards in the year of 2009, after that he got some good roles in various movies but then in the year 2011 he got his cult role as magneto in the x men movies and after that people around the world came to know about this amazingly talented actor.
Due to his great performance, he was chosen as the best supporting performer in the academy award and also along with this award he won the prestigious volpi cup award in the year 2011. One of the best feats came when he got nominated for the famous golden globe award in the august, 2011 for his dedication and hard work.

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