Name: Peter Facinelli
Born: November 26, 1973
Nationality: American
Category: Actor / Producer

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Peter Facinelli is a popular American actor and producer all rolled in one. He came to be a superstar right after starring in the Fox TV’s 2002 series called the Fastlane. Again, in the Twilight adaptation series he played the role of Carlisle Cullen. Facinelli is also extremely popular for his role in the flick Can’t Hardly Wait. Right now he is a regular face in the TV series Nurse Jackie. Here, he portrays the role of Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper.

Early Life
Facinelli spent the early years of his life in Ozone Park, Queens. He belonged to a pretty humble background and was the son of two Italian immigrants. Facinelli was raised in Roman Catholic and he even attended St Francis pep school. Soon, after completing his initial years of education Facinelli started studying in the New York University simultaneously with the Atlantic Theater Company. He had studied under the faculty of some impeccable teachers.

Facinellu made his debut in a feature film of Rebecca Miller, called Angela. It was at that point of time when he came to the attention of several critics in the TV flick titled The Price of Love. In 1996 he played a role along with his ‘then’ future spouse, Jennie Garth in the flick an Unfinished Affair. Soon after that flick, innumerable TV roles followed. One of them included After Jimmy in the year 1996 and Calm at Sunset where he played the role of a college dropout. In 1997 he co-starred Amanda Peet and Micheal Vartan in the aids themed drama called Touch Me.

Besides these feature films and romantic films Facinelli also appeared in a popular sci-fi flick called the Supernova. Here he starred along with James Spader. In 2001 and 2002, he made his appearances in Riding in Car with Boys and The Scorpion King. A lead role followed thereafter in the popular Fox drama Fastlane. Rightafter that, Facinelli had a recurring role in the HBO series called the Six Feet Under which was filmed in the year 2004. Rightafter that he starred the original FX series called the Damages beginning in the year 2007. He evn starred the Hollow Man 2 with Christian Slater. The flick was released in direct to video in May 2006.

After coming up with Finding Amanda co-starring with Matthew Broderick, he also played the role of Carlisle Cullen in the popular movie adaptation of Twilight. He continued playing all the sequels of the movie and featured in Twilight Saga: New Moon and Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Apart from his popular roles in big budget movies he also got into production. Facinelli soon became the production manager of the production company Facinelli Films, founded by him. The first feature film of this production house was Loosies. The flick was written by Facinelli and was filmed in the year 2011.


Right now, Facinelli is working in the TV series Glee and his flick Gallows Hill is under post production.

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