Steven Gerrard
Name: Steven George Gerrard
Born: 30 May 1980
Nationality: English
Category:  Footballer
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Steven Gerrard in a English football player who playing for Liverpool and Enlish national team. He is a captain in the both football teams. Gerrard’s playing position is centre midfield but he also is used a right back, right winger.holding midfielder and second striker. Steven was born on 30 May 1980 in Whiston, Merseyside, England. The English footballer starts playing in the local Whiston Juniors club where he was found by Liverpool scouts. When Gerrard was 9 years old he joins in Liverpool Academy. He signs his first professional contract on 5th of November 1997 and until now he continued to be part of Liverpool Football Club. This makes him one of the biggest club legends not only in his club but in entire Premier League.

The first match for Steven Gerrard with Liverpool was played on 29 November 1998 against Blackburn Rovers. Steven is Liverpool captain since October 2003! Gerrard played a whole match against Millan in 2005 Champions League final and scored the first goal for his team. This match was described as the greatest Champions League final ever played. Until now he had 111 goals in 475 appearances with Liverpool and 21 goals in 114 matches for the National Football Team of England. Some football experts calling Gerrard “one of the greatest English midfielders in history, a real leader and a tireless runner with superb vision…with his striking from distance feared around the world and a prolific scorer for a midfielder.”

Steven Gerrard is married for Alex Curran. They have three daughters Lilly-Ella, Lexie and Lourdes.


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