Taryn Manning
Name: Taryn Manning
Born: November 6, 1978
Nationality: American
Category: Actress / Fashion designer / Singer / Songwriter
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Taryn Manning: Nothing but the Best
Taryn manning the famous singer, song writer as well as an amazing fashion designer was born in the year 1978 in the United States of America. She was initially came into the news due to her amazing talent in various fields of work such as signing, fashion designing as well as writing songs for her own films and albums. She is really into all of these fields with a bang but then she never into acting till the year 2001, but in that particular year she tried her luck with acting with the coming movie named cross roads. With the huge success that she gained in her initial movie, she got few more movies offers as well and most of them have been significantly successful. To name a few of her movies, lot like love, jack and Jill was one of the all time hits. Specially her last movie which was released in the year 2008 i.e. jack and Jill was brought her the much awaited stardom that she had been craving for years.

Personal life
When you are talking about Taryn manning’s personal life then you need to go all the way back to her childhood. Before she made her established in the industry, she was a small kid like all the other children of her age, roaming about the city of Tucson. She has a young brother whose name is kellin. But then she had been in serious mental trauma since her early days due to the separation of her parents. Her mother was sharyn and father was a musical named bill manning. When her parents were divorced she then moved into Encinitas along with her mother. After the shifting was done, she resumed her study and got admitted to the well known oak crest middle school.

Other interests
Besides being an amazing actresses and singer, she had a huge inclination in karate and you will be surprise to know that she is a famous karate champion in Arizona. But then, her nightmare regarding family related issues was not over yet as when she was just turned into 14 years old, her father was committed suicide and since then only her mother had raised her without any support from others.
Accepted and Welcomed By the Audience with warmness:
Shifting the lights from her personal life to her work life, there are innumerable things to point out such as her famous movies like speedway junky where due to her awesome solo act she got immense popularity across the world. After that huge success she then tried to do some main stream movies and went for the audition of cross word where she was eventually casted along with the famous American singer Britney spears. That movie was one of the biggest hit of that year and after that she never really looked back in her career. One of the most notifying feats that she got encompasses with getting the 59th position in the top women across the globe by the famous magazine Maxim.

  • (1999) Speedway Junky
  • (1999) The Specials
  • (2001) Crazy/Beautiful
  • (2002) Crossroads
  • (2002) White Oleander
  • (2002) 8 Mile
  • (2003) Cold Mountain
  • (2004) Dandelion
  • (2005) Hustle & Flow
  • (2005) Lucky 13
  • (2005) A Lot Like Love
  • (2006) Unbeatable Harold
  • (2006) The Breed
  • (2006) When the Nines Roll Over
  • (2007) Cult
  • (2007) After Sex
  • (2007) Weirdsville
  • (2008) Jack and Jill vs. the World
  • (2008) Your Name Here
  • (2009) Kill Theory
  • (2009) The Devil’s Tomb
  • (2009) The Job
  • (2009) The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • (2010) Waking Madison
  • (2010) Groupie
  • (2010) Love Ranch
  • (2010) Redemption Road
  • (2010) Heaven’s Rain
  • (2011) The Speed of Thought
  • (2011) Man Without A Head
  • (2011) 513
  • (2011) Zombie Apocalypse
  • (2013) All American Christmas Carol
  • (2014) Low Down
  • (2015) Experimenter
  • (2015) Cleveland Abduction
  • (2015) It Snows All the Time
  • (2015) #Horror
  • (2015) Almost Broadway
  • (2015) A Light Beneath Their Feet
  • (2016) A Winter Rose

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