Name: Taylor Schilling
Born: July 27, 1984
Nationality: American
Category: Actress

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Taylor schilling – the famous actress
Taylor schilling that was mainly famous for her role in piper Chapman was born in the year 1984 in America. She was one of the most famous characters in the orange is the new black series where her character was immensely loved by the people across the world. Besides being a great success in daily shows she tried her hand in films as well, and eventually she got her first break in the year 2007 with the very well known movie named dark matter. In her first movie she was casted along with the Meryl streep. Along with the film debut, she continued to do the other TV shows and in the year 2009, she bagged one of the most watched shows Mercy where she got innumerable fans and huge popularities for her roles. Here in this article we will be talking about her life as well as her various ups and downs in her career.

Personal life
She was born and brought up in the city of Boston. Her father name is Robert j. schilling who was a prosecutor at that time. She spent her early life in the various places of west Roxbury as well as Wayland. But the she never really had a great family life along with her mom and dad as they separated when she was in her teens. At this time, she was quite interested in various acting shows and dramas, hence she eventually decided to try her hand in acting as she auditioned for various acting shows and stage shows and finally got picked up for the stage production of fiddler on the roof. Where she did significantly well and after that she got very serious with her acting career and hence continued to go for various auditions to break into this industry.

Education and schooling
She was a graduate from the famous high school of Wayland in the year 2002 and after that she took part in various stage shows in the University of Fordham. But then she never left her studies and in between she was studying bachelor of arts, and eventually in the year 2006 she got her degree and after that she also entered in various acting courses to enhance her skills in acting as by then she knew all she ever wish to be, is an actress.
Career path and success stories. Schilling made her debut in the famous film called dark matter when she was just got her Bachelor of Arts degree. Besides this movie she did few other well known movies as well such as Heldens, Argo, Stay and many more. Besides, acting in various movies she got numerous awards as well for her hard work such awards enlisted as golden globe awards, prime time Emmy awards and last but not the least she won an award for the best actress in Comedy series in the year 2014. One of the best attribute of her career is that she never really got too hyped with her success as she always a very down to earth person since day one.

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