People now days are very much concerned with the use of technology. The advent of technology has changed the outlook of many scenarios of various sectors of the economy. There are so many technological advancements coming our way in everyday life. These technological advancements have changed the meaning of technology in our minds. The use of technology is almost everywhere in every field. From how to make a dish to installing management software everything is done with the help of technology. 

The technology has transformed our lives in many different ways. It has also simplified the difficulty in performing the activity. From household to the business every sector is so much dependent on the use of addition. The mobile addition is already at its peak. Everyone around them is so much obsessed with their mobile phones by using the internet. But imagine if your Wi-Fi router is not working properly due to any reason. The decreased speed of Wi-Fi is what makes us irritated. 

Coming home to watch all the web series online and not even able to play a video due to slow down speed is very much frustrating. There can be several reasons why internet speed is weak or slow. Your internet speed can be slowed due to the congestion it is facing or there can be many other reasons. Once you have used the high-speed internet, you cannot use that slow speed internet. Almost every one of having an internet facility has Wi-Fi installed at their homes or in offices. The internet has already transformed our lives with a high-speed data network. We cannot imagine our life without the internet; it has already become part of our daily life. When so many people together start using the internet, then the speed of the internet may decrease due to more connections attached to it. 

There are some ways in which you can boost the speed of your Wi-Fi. Some of the ways are discussed as follows:

Try to put the router in an open place:

  • as there are many numbers of networks that get attached to one Wi-Fi. Many people used the internet at the same time but sometimes the speed of the internet is slow. The reason for the slow internet may be the congestion that it may face. So try to locate your router in an open place. 

Using a Wi-Fi extender:

sometimes it’s not about the speed but the signal or network due to which the internet is not working. Using a Wi-Fi extender like mywifiext can boost up your network and will make your internet work well. It also helps in reaching the Wi-Fi signal all over the connected devices. 

Use up to date Wi-Fi technology:

as we know many advancements are coming in the technological sector. There are so many rapid changes occurring in the Wi-Fi technologies as well. You must update the technology for your Wi-Fi from time to time so that it must work up to date. Using obsolete technology can also slow down the speed of the internet. 

:Adding security key to your Wi-Fi

when the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network is more than the chances of reduced speed is also more. So to have limited connected devices to your Wi-Fi you can add a security key password to your Wi-Fi network. It will help you to limit the devices connected to your Wi-Fi. 

Alternatively, you can follow some simple steps like routerlogin that helps in boosting the speed of the internet. If still, it doesn’t solve the problems, you can contact your operator or any tech support company to resolve the issue.

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