If you ever look the twinkling stars from a telescope or even viewing it upwards, the cosmos holds more unbelievable mysteries than you thought. There is a high possibility that this can be resolve in a flash. It is your lucky day because these lists showed the most exciting and strange details about the mysterious space around the universe. To answer a few of your questions.

The Universe Is Very Old As You Think

The vast scheme of life even an ancient human is still just a ray of light in the eye of the universe, but still, the existence of the world in which we exist is generally assumed to be old as thirteen billion years give or take 59 million years.

To be as old as Big Bang, the average person will have to survive 174.7 million lifetimes. The scientists calculated that amount by measuring the level at which celestial bodies move, and analyzing the Big Bang’s Cosmic Microwave radiation history.

Basically, the buzzing sound you would find throughout TV channels when switching to Big Bang Theory on CBS unless you really feel down to something as we’re all composed of chemicals and elements generated by the Big Bang. We’re practically as old as you think as time itself and we might say we look extremely pretty in time for our age.

Planet Nine

Talking about phenomena there is one that exists in our own space that might alter the way we look at our own solar system. Astronomers first discovered in 2014 notice six celestial bodies throughout the freezing Kuiper belt at the far edge of our Sun’s orbit, that consistently moving in a similar course around the region’s orbit.

Astronomers think that the only reason for all of this is that there is a whole new planet out existed out there. Estimated the same size as Neptune performing a normal orbit through the Sun and would be believed the 3rd new planet found in our solar system to the day after early humans first explored the sky.

Diamonds Are a Planet’s Bestfriend

Forget our solar system what about the planets beyond it. If you’re looking for the more extravagant proposal than getting down on one knee or organizing a flashmob, you could try buying your significant other the planet known as 55 Cancri E. This planet had only 40 light-years away, super-earth is believed to be made of diamond.

While most recent research suggests it may have less carbon to oxygen ratio than previously thought. There’s still a chance this planet could have a nearly indestructible surface and like a diamond, it could be forever.

Earth Has 90% of Insects Organism

There’s a lot of interesting facts about Earth. One of these examples is, The ⅔ of species on this planet are insects, estimated about 1.5 million species of this life form. Most probably, insects have the largest terrestrial organisms.

V838 Monocerotis

In 2002 the star V838 Monocerotis suddenly sent readings off the charts becoming 600,000 times brighter than the Sun. In fact, for a few weeks, it was the brightest object in our galaxy. Moreover, due to the phenomenon known as a light echo, it even illuminated the surrounding rings of gas.

The star also appeared to be expanding rapidly as well making it a captivating sight to behold. It has since died down, however, astronomers are still studying what may have caused the outburst.


After reading this consider yourself a curious person often thinking. Why are we here? an equally interesting thought to ponder is how are we here?. Our existence came about through such a crazy set of chemical reactions and cosmic coincidences that it can overwhelm the mind and it can help you process all of the wonders of the universe.