A sunny afternoon in the winter attracts a lot of golfers to the facility in your region. And why not? After all, it’s the best time to shoot some balls. Every golfer, whether beginner or professional, wants to improve his game just by swinging some sticks and analyzing the room for improvement. There is another extraordinary way to learn or practice your game and that’s golf lessons nyc. You should try it if you haven’t already!  

If you want the same, here’s an article. The room for improvement is not only in your game but some factors on the golf course. Here’s a way to promote your game without changing your swinging style. The topic we cover here intrigues many golfers as it is something you can adapt quickly. So let’s begin. 

From the perspective of a player

As a player, you have to do some homework about the golf course design while keeping your game simple enough to not change it at the very end. Also, after getting to the venue, confirm the same and get on with it. 

Some homework to do

  • Use Google earth 

As a technical golf player, it’s highly recommended to use Google Earth to know about the lengths in the golf course. For example, the fairway length and width, distance from the bunker and other water bodies. It’s a great tool to check if the fairway is squeezed. In many cases, the architect of the Golf course will tempt the players to shoot for extremely narrow areas. It gives you a mindset followed by the architect.

The step assists you immensely to promote the game and give you time to prepare in advance. 

After reaching the venue

  • Look for bunkers and water hazards that are out of bounds

It’s important to know the exact shots you need to make to keep away from bunkers, water hazards and other out of bounds areas. Dig the golf course with your eyes to know the distance between holes and other key areas. However, when you use Google earth, you can already have an idea of the same. 

  • Dig to the Kind of Golf Management

Golf course management has many components. As a golf course manager, one can use the most branded tools like the Toro Golf course equipment fleet but still, may not find the overall balance very satisfactory. As a customer, you want to dig into the kind of golf management. Judge whether the manager was more into fairways, mowed green grass, water areas, etc. accordingly make your judgment if the sunny afternoon is worth spending in that Golf course. As a player, you must be interested in the maintenance equipment used. 

When doing homework, the Golf player can change his tactic according to the design. We can eventually perform better on the field when the habit develops. 

From the perspective of a golf course manager

The golf course manager has to think from 2 perspectives, the customer and a professional. Only then he’ll be able to judge it’s playability. Here are a few steps from his side. 

  • Make Decisions Beforehand

As a Golf course manager, you have to plan in advance as to what your golf course will look like. The golf course architect needs the perspective of a professional builder as well as the player on the field. 

  • GPS Helps them too

They can use GPS devices to get the full view of their Golf course for better measurement of the broads and the narrows. The yardages between bunkers, water hazards and fairways are a critical aspect of the overall organization of a golf course. 

  • Differentiate from Others

The manager cannot simply mimic the design of another golf course in the region. It has to be different from others to attract more members to the club. A distinct Golf course attractive if the design is nailed properly.