When it comes to the top three metals, platinum, gold, and silver have always reigned in the realm of the jewelry industry. However, apart from these, there are several other metals that are slowing gaining popularity and tungsten is one of them.

Speaking of tungsten, originally known as Wolfram, this lustrous metal ranks #74 on the periodic table of elements and comes with an exceptionally high melting point. Also, it is a very dense metal as compared to others. But when it is in its natural form, tungsten, just like palladium and platinum, has this amazing light hue.

That said, it doesn’t come as a surprise as to why it has become most people’s go-to option, especially for earrings, wedding bands, and bracelets.

Now, even though more and more jewelry makers have started using this metal for designing various ornaments, it was the watchmakers who initiated the use of tungsten carbide which is a mix of tungsten. What’s more, since the metal is strong and has an amazing resistance towards scratches, it has become the most sought-after option when it comes to designing modern wedding rings.

To top it all off, tungsten is by far the best choice for those who do not want to burn a hole in their pockets – all thanks to its beautiful light hue.

Furthermore, regardless of its price, there are a lot of people including celebrities like David Beckham who wear tungsten rings. And, as of now, though there isn’t a tiara made from tungsten, we never know what might one day come out of those royal vaults!

That aside, if you have been meaning to get a tungsten wedding ring designed, then here are a few untold facts about it that you must know.

5 Untold Facts About Tungsten You Must Know

Tungsten keeps scratches at bay

Yes, you read that right! Of all the metals used to design jewelry, tungsten is popularly known as the A1 metal of them all. No matter what type of lifestyle you live, this is one such metal that can bear the brunt of any and every kind of wear and tear. That said, there is no need for you to worry about those scratch marks.

Tungsten can be engraved using laser

It is possible for you to engrave your tungsten ring, but it is better that you get it done from the person you purchased it in the first place. Moreover, you ought to make sure that the ring is being engraved using a laser. This is mainly because going the conventional way will only weaken or hamper the ring’s glorious appearance.

Tungsten goes hand in hand with diamonds and gemstones

Although tungsten is a metal that can be a little dainty to work with, it certainly has the ability to highlight various pops of color with astounding glimmer. So, if you wish to add a little zing to your ring, then you can drop in a few black diamonds or simply go with some vibrant gemstones.

Tungsten works wonders with inlays

When it comes to tungsten, the simple polished look itself is enough to give the metal an extravagant appearance. Nonetheless, tungsten’s silvery shimmer crafts this amazing blank canvas, which gives you the liberty to incorporate vivid inlays and add that extra bling to it.

The best way to add visual interest to your ring would be by selecting a fiery opal or warm wood inlay. But if you are looking for some otherworldly elegance, then you can opt for a meteorite or dinosaur bone inlay.

Tungsten can be highlighted with other types of metals

One of the best aspects of tungsten is that it can be paired absolutely with every other metal. Since this glorious metal comes with both silver and dark tinge, you can either go with blushing rose gold or simple yellow gold to give it an additional edge! Even more, you can also add a little bit of texture to the metal by roughening those gold edges using sand. And that wraps our list of untold facts about tungsten. 

However, here’s an additional fact just for you

Even though jewelry made out of tungsten can be designed as per your wish, it is the metal’s affordability that provides you with the liberty to choose whichever stone or detail you want to add to the design. Also, despite the fact that tungsten is the most preferred metal when it comes to designing wedding rings, you can definitely use it for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Add to that, when you opt for tungsten as the metal, you basically open up all the doors that lead you to your creative freedom. Having said that, regardless of which ornament you are planning to create, play with various designs and details so as to add that much-needed bling to your life.

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