Have you tried murumuru butter yet for skin or hair care? Butter on hair may sound strange, but the nutty-scented substance comes with plenty of virtues, making it an exotic element to add in personal care products. 

Extracted from the seeds of the astrocaryum murumuru, the seed butter is native to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. In its pure form, it is a yellowish-white butter with a creamy texture. The unrefined butter possesses a nutty and earthy scent. It is a rich source of vitamins and Omega acids that can be used to treat dry and curly hair.  

Currently, it is gaining worldwide recognition from personal care brands due to its ‘miracle’ effects. Murumuru butter can be used for skin protection against dryness and hair softening.  

The benefits of the rich and nourishing butter aren’t limited to protecting the skin or softening hair. There are plenty of incredible uses of murumuru butter that make it an ideal ingredient to make a variety of skin and hair care products

  • Skin Treatment

Murumuru butter has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a useful substance to treat dry skin and lock moisture in it. The soft and creamy texture of the butter enables it to penetrate the skin and repair the damaged parts. It fixes the skin issues caused by sun exposure and stress. 

The butter type can be used in massage creams, lip balms, and lotions. Murumuru butter blush is also a commonly used form of this exotic ingredient. 

  • Nourishing the Hair

Murumuru butter contains vitamins and minerals in abundance that help to improve hair health by nourishing them. The oil in butter treats dry and damaged locks, and provide hair with essential sources for maintenance. 

  • Sealing the Moisture

When it comes to hair care, murumuru butter has highly moisturizing properties that help in protecting the moisture in locks. This ability of the substance makes it an ideal ingredient for a range of hair care products, such as shampoos and conditioners. 

In the case of curly hair, murumuru butter can be used to maintain their elasticity. In addition, it helps to boost hair color and make them look shiny. 

  • Anti-aging Products

The Brazilian butter is a useful substance for mature skin. There is a wide range of anti-aging products around the world that contain murumuru butter, thanks to antioxidants and essential fatty acids in it. In its pure form, the butter type has Pro-Vitamin A that helps to restore the elasticity of the skin. 

  • Anti-bacterial

Apart from making hair and skincare products, murumuru butter is also used in various kinds of healing formulations. It comes with anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that make it an ideal substance to use in healing products. 

  • Treating Unruly Hair

If you have unruly hair, then murumuru butter can help you manage them without damaging their health. It helps to restore vitamin A and covers the root of the unruly hair problem by nourishing them through its properties. 

  • Penetrating Hair Cuticle

Murumuru butter is a rich source of lauric, myristic, and oleic acid that make it a substance to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle to fortify locks from the inside. In this way, they help to maintain hair health by offering proper nourishment. 

Final Words

Murumuru butter is gradually becoming a popular ingredient in various kinds of skin and hair care products. Its pure form can be used to make creams, lotions, conditioners, hair masks, anti-dandruff products, and hair care products. If you are thinking of making your own products at home, then get high-quality butter from a reputed supplier. Aim for unrefined murumuru butter and reap its benefits!