Corporate seminars are a necessity for most large companies. But they don’t have to be mundane and stuffy. Boredom is an event killer and your attendees will likely lose interest fast if not kept entertained throughout the evening. Learn how to plan an event the right way and you will impress everyone with a memorable event. 

These seven points can help you keep organized

  1. Venue
  2. Entertainment
  3. Food/Drink
  4. Seating arrangements
  5. Assign roles to people with authority
  6. Electronics
  7. Theme and Decorations

Choosing a Venue

The venue is where you should start your planning because everything is built around the location you’ve chosen. The right venue for the event will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Do Your Research

If possible, you should tour a few different venues. Call and make an appointment with the event coordinator for each location. Ask questions about how events are handled there. Make sure the person is professional and knowledgeable about setting up a seminar such as yours. If you feel at all like this person is not listening to what you are requesting, move on to a different location. 


Capture the attention of your attendees by offering unique and unpredictable entertainment. Engaging your guests will help make it a fun evening. This list with all sorts of different private party entertainment. Make sure it stays within work-appropriate parameters. 

One of the more popular performers is mentalists. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a performer who gives an illusion of telepathy or reading someone’s mind. Although many are skeptical about this form of entertainment, when performed correctly, a mentalist will wow your guests into believing in something unbelievable. 

Food and Drink

Food is also extremely important for planning a memorable event. Nothing is worse than unappealing appetizers or dried out chicken. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to serve the best meal you can afford. Distasteful food can be a recipe for disaster.

Food Choices

Usually, you can get samples of different dishes that your venue prepares. The coordinator is also a good resource for food planning. Most events offer a choice of two different entrees. Various side dishes, a salad and bread round out the menu. Serving an extravagant dessert is a great way to top off the meal. 

Alcohol, Yes or No?

Whether or not to serve alcohol at a corporate seminar is an important decision. For obvious reasons, you don’t want your guests getting over-served with an open bar. If alcohol is served, you could keep the choices to wine, beer or both. Serving hard liquor to your guests can go awry quickly. We’ve all heard the horror stories about office parties when the alcohol gets flowing a little too much. 

Seating Arrangements

A lot of thought should be put into deciding who sits where. Do you want to mix it up a little bit to encourage conversation? It’s usually best to keep any guests of honour toward the front, especially if they’ll be standing up to speak. 

Place Cards

If it’s a formal event, you can either have assigned seats or have numbered tables, and they can choose where to sit at their table. For the guests that may be giving any kind of presentation, you may want to assign seats to make sure everyone can see and hear them.

Delegate Small Details

If this is a fairly large event, you may want to hand over some minor details to someone trustworthy. Make sure those you are assigning are capable and can complete the tasks given. Assigning things such as putting out place cards and decorating can be a big help.


Find out if any equipment is needed such as projectors, microphones or cameras. Making sure all necessary electronics are in working order will prevent that awkward silence while trying to fumble with the equipment. Check to make sure all participants can see any presentations that will be given. 

Choosing a Theme

Theme and decorations should be dictated by the event. If it’s a formal seminar, keep it classy. You probably won’t want balloons and streamers everywhere. Decorations should be in good taste and in keeping with the theme. Using candlelight for centerpieces adds elegance and ambiance to the setting. Check out these suggestions for corporate themes. 

For a More Informal Setting

However, for the adventurous planner, an informal event may have a little more leeway. A playful theme such as a carnival or a casino night is popular. Make sure you know your audience though, keeping it tame may be the way to go. 

A corporate seminar does not need to be dull. With some of the ideas above, a good time can be had by all and the company will remember the event for a long time.