With the passage of decades after the launch of the innovative smartphone, it has now evolved into a complicated device everyone needs. From regular tasks to entertaining needs, smartphones are able to provide it all to us. 
In this context, Apple Inc. has marked out among all other tech companies in providing users with world-class devices.  From a brilliant camera to efficient usage, smartphone lovers were quick to fall in love with the iPhone. However, it was not just the apparent visual look and feel that created a hype for this device. No one uses a smartphone for just using a camera or making calls. Everyone needs mobile applications to fulfill their needs and apple’s app store had it all. 
There are numerous iOS app development services and freelance application developers that lead to the success of all smartphones today. However, as time passed, these mobile applications evolved with the iPhone, but how? Let’s find out in this article!   Siri Based Features As new iOS versions were launched, Siri became a prominent and effective feature for iPhone users. It is one of the most fun features for iOS users to enjoy and a lot of iOS app development services have taken this in account. However, after the launch of Sirikit for the advancement of Siri in mobile applications, so many iOS app development services are benefiting from this revolution. Users are now open to use Al assistant Siri which is becoming smarter over time. Users can now work seamlessly in a matter of time through voice commands and usage of applications has become effortless. Siri shortcuts also come handy when using apps that are affiliated with Siri. It is an undeniable fact that in the future, Siri based applications are bound to make an impact in the application store.   Enhanced Security  Privacy is everyone’s right. With increasing cybercrime on daily basis, more and more users are looking for applications that do not bring their privacy at stake. From malware corrupting your devices to hackers being a serious threat, cybercrime has taken its position as a major concern in iOS applications. Today, the topmost priority of all iOS app development services is to maintain the privacy of their customers. 
 IOS having a slight upper-hand in security than android gives it a boon in the industry. Authentication and encryption-related issues have been addressed by newer versions of iOS. IOS apps can assure users that their privacy is maintained no matter what.   AR and VR  Augmented reality and virtual reality are new potent features of the iOS that have gained lots of popularity. While augmented reality emphasizes on digital features via a smartphone camera, virtual reality shows unreal features completely different from the world. With the launch of the AR kit, an app like snapchat and Pokémon go took advantage, becoming popular worldwide. As AR kit 2 has now launched, enabling this feature in iOS mobile applications will become trendy in no time. Whether you are a freelance mobile application developer, or, an iOS app development company, you must always consider the chances to introduce new technologies like AR and VR in your apps. These features will make your mobile applications hit in no time!   Artificial Intelligence Intelligent devices can observe and react like human beings. Artificial intelligence refers to these devices that can mimic human intelligence to some extent. This field of science is already making progress very swiftly and is said to take over the world in the future. So, why not introduce features, such as speech and facial recognition in your iOS applications to become part of the future?   There are a lot of ways in which you can introduce these artificial features in your iOS mobile applications. Facial recognition passwords can be very useful to protect your images, data, and messages. They can also be handy for people who would want to get their work done in seconds. Speech recognition can be introduced in writing applications and dictionaries, etc. This would help users to complete their tasks quickly and more people would be encouraged to write.   Apple Home Kit  Apple has made its place as a significant player in the smart home space. Apple devices have connected Home kit users to IoT, internet of things. These are some of the most searched trends in technology in the corporate world. The home kit is a new feature that enables iOS app developers to connect with IoT devices. Due to a higher demand for smart home devices, more applications would be developed using the Apple Home kit. Due to this, all iOS mobile application services and freelance developers must give apple home kit a chance in order to develop their applications.   On-Demand Apps In the present, everyone wants to simplify their lives. Cabs are booked via uber application and shopping has been simplified with so many Ecommerce applications launching day today. Other than this, more and more applications are being launched for people to socialize or date. If there are any good features missing in an application, and you think it should be added in your mobile application, then try developing an app for that. If you can suggest an easier way to do tasks swiftly, then create an app as well.  
Apple’s Wearable Devices  Apple has launched smartwatches as a wearable device that has given a boost to iOS application developers. Wearable devices have become extremely handy for a lot of users and the app store is available in all apple’s smartwatches. Just like the iPhone, iWatch users also needed applications to run their iWatches. Due to this, iOS development services have taken every chance to develop convenient apps for users and it has been very helpful. Try adding the Siri feature to enhance the performance.   Final Words It is best to say that these 7 tips can be very crucial when designing your iOS mobile application. Developers will always need to find something that attracts a target audience and more and more customers are available to use their apps. With the evolving world, we also need to make sure our phones evolve too, and with evolving phones comes new technologies. For that, these tips will come handy when developing a good iOS mobile app.