There are many ways to super-charge your sports passion during the year. And chief among them is instilling a sense of fun in the within the game. 

Greg Shelley, of the Janssen Sports Leadership Center Key Ways to Motivate Your Athletes says the main ways of motivating are through fear, through incentives (such as trophies) or through purpose.

Time and time again, whether it be at the professional level, or just playing T-ball among other first-graders, athletes cit having fun as their number one sports goal, something that coaches and sports organizers often forget.

Here are 8 Fun-loving ideas to spark up your sports team:

1. Dedicate at least one practice session a week to having fun 

Dedicate at least one practice session a week to having fun. Practicing the fundamentals is essential to your teams winning, but practice sessions can seem like a job instead of sport. For example, every week try making a total game out of the practice. Host a “imitate your favorite NBA basketball player practice. Circle around, and one by one. Let the player in you shake, shimmy and rock and roll to the basket in their favorite NBA style. The fundamentals are damned in this practice. Let each player showboat to their heart’s content. A practice like this can instill love again for the game. 

2. Pay your physical dues

There’s no substitute for toil. confidence comes out of a solid base of physical coaching. If you’ve done your preparation and trained well you have got a right to feel confident. If you’ve often slacked off, making an attempt to feel assured could be a joke and it’s on you! Do everything potential in your power, and so do a bit more! Confidence comes from knowing you’ve trained longer and tougher than your competitors.

3. Use competitive aspects

We all bear similar emotions when enjoying sport, and one amongst the foremost pressing is that the will to win. Competition could be a central topic to motivating yourself to succeed, and the team is not any different. There’s nothing wrong with inflaming that innate competition in sportsmen and ladies. It fuels the necessity for fun and helps to encourage the team to perpetually improve and become better than their peers.

A word of warning though – it’s all concerning balance. using competitive influences in your work is nice, however pushing it too onerous will have adverse effects on morale. do not place an excessive amount of stress on winners and losers and do not fall back to that lure of rewarding winners and grueling losers. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a divide in your group. 

4. Join Sports Club or Find Local Sports Teams 

Find a coaching partner who will facilitate remind you of your skills. A coaching partner can perceive your specific sport and be able to support and carry your spirits when your confidence is falling. However, one may also opt to join the sports club or find local sports teams, to lift the spirit and have more fun.

5. Reward yourself when you perform well

The immediate goal is to extend the positives. this implies pleasing yourself after you perform well. If you beat yourself up over a mistake, why should not you pat yourself on the back after you catch on the right? Pump your fist, slap your leg, say, “yes,” after you perform well. It’ll psych you up and cause you to feel positive and excited.

6. Hold a parade 

Hold a parade This one takes some doing, but if you can get a few convertibles, and the local police to close a street for an hour, a parade for your team (even if they didn’t win a single game) can be the step to an enthusiastic team next year. 

7. Honor the team at the big game 

Honor the team at the big game No matter who they are, athlete’s of all ages appreciate the recognition. Have an announcer call out the team at half-time of a big basketball, or football team. It doesn’t matter if the players are volleyball players or T-ball players, being announced in front of the home crowd will boost their spirits. 

8. Give away special team t-shirts or jackets 

Give away special team t-shirts or jackets This one will cost a little money, but if you can find a sponsor and give away special team jackets or t-shirts, you can be sure team members will wear these special team jerseys or jackets rain or shine with pride.