When you say PDF Conversion, it is a tool to use if you are converting your document or someone else’s document from a specific file format to PDF, or vice versa. Sometimes they are used to create an e-filing system for personal, business, or other reasons.

Converting documents to another using these tools is easy and accessible since there are thousands of PDF converters on the internet. Usually, they are in the PDF converter you have chosen. 

There are so many file formats to convert to and from PDF, and the conversion of JPG to PDF is one of them. It is when you turn an image with a JPG file format to a PDF file. Here are the most common and popular websites for this kind of conversion:

PDF Bear

For your go-to-pdf-converter, you can head to this site to convert your file with the format of JPG to PDF. You can easily convert your document here since they have a simple and accessible system for this. They also provide simple instructions anyone can follow.

The first thing to do in the process of converting your JPG to PDF is to upload or import your image file with a JPG file format, then select the available options. After that, you can start the conversion and wait for it to finish. After the process has finished, you can download or save the new file to your PC.

You also have the option to save it to your Dropbox and Google Drive. PDF Bear also offers other tools in their site for free, such as converting the PPT file to PDF. Although they already have the free version, they also offer a paid version for an affordable price.


This PDF converter website offers a free service or free use of their tools. This website is easy to use since the process and instructions are easy to follow. They allow users to upload up to twenty images into one PDF file. The download is quick, and you do not need to wait for several minutes to finish.


Another quick and straightforward JPG to PDF conversion is this website. Besides the conversion tool, users are allowed to edit the file before downloading them to your computer. Some big and famous companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Ford are using their tools.

The online tools they also offer on this website are the conversion of other file formats to PDF files, such as PNG, Word, PowerPoint, and more, and even adding watermarks on your PDF. You can talk or chat with their customer service representatives online if you have any concerns about their website or tools.


Zamzar is one of the most used websites for PDF tools of all time since they have converted over five hundred million files since the year 2006. In this site, you can also easily convert your .jpg file to .pdf in no time. They also offer free services, such as conversion from some other file name to PDF.


This website offers so many tools compared to other websites, and they are free to use too. With their JPG to PDF conversion, you can make your conversion fast and easy, and they guarantee the safety and protection of your files with their SSL encryption. They also support all kinds of platforms.

You can open them using a browser on your computer or install the application in Google Playstore or App Store. Smallpdf also offers tools and services, such as merging and splitting PDF, compressing PDF, other conversion tools, and more.


Just like ImagetoPDF, you can convert several images into one PDF file quickly. They provide simple steps to follow, so users will not be confused about how to do it. You can also choose to upload a URL instead of an image file on your computer. This website also offers other services aside from this conversion.


For users looking for excellent PDF online tools for Mac OS and Linux OS, this website is a good example. You can drag your image with a .jpg format, or import from your Dropbox and Google Drive, then click on Convert JPG.

They let their users access their tools privately so they can feel secured and protected. “Easy PDF” is free to use, and they do not require their users to register. They also have a Cloud feature, so users do not need to worry about taking up space from their computers.


Another similar website where you can convert your JPG files to PDF is this website. It’s a two-step process since you only need to select the image and click the button. They also allow their users to adjust the size and margin of the image and document. 

In their site, they provide a video tutorial on how to use their PDF converter tool. The impressive features they offer are that you can manage, remove, or organize the JPG files’ order, and they do not add watermarks on your new PDF file when you download them.

Adobe Acrobat

If you do not know yet, the company, Adobe, is the one who invented the PDF format. They are considered to be the most promising PDF online all-in-one tool you can use. They offer their services both free and paid, depending on the user preference.

The procedures on how you can use their tools are already added to their website or under the space for conversion. You can also use other PDF tools they can offer for free users. Aside from Acrobat, they are also famous for their Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


Online conversions such as PDF converter tools help our daily tasks, school, and work projects to go smoothly and quickly. You should try paid subscriptions of these PDF online tools to make everything more convenient for all users.

Paid versions offer more features that could help us along the way. Sometimes, they even provide an offline mode for the paid subscription to use them even without an internet connection. However, it is always your choice if you’d instead go for the free version since these websites still offer it.