There is a general notion about the Quran that says it’s a book about religion, Sharia, Islamic practices and norms. Modern research says otherwise. Historic researchers have found that there is more to the Quran than being just a guidebook for Muslims.

Quran has managed to survive and thrive for over 1400 years. This makes you think there has to be something about this book that makes it relevant and credible even after 1400 years. 

Scientific facts mentioned in the Quran are most certainly one of the reasons why this book still holds mysteries and value. There have been many discoveries made in the scientific world that back the statements made by the Quran. 

So, what is it about Quran that makes it relevant for modern times?

After thoroughly researching some of the most famous arguments and counter-arguments about the credibility of the Quran, one thing becomes clear, it is more than just a religious guide. This book is filled with scientific wisdom that was just way to advance for the people of the time when it was first revealed. 

Being totally unjudgmental, after analyzing the most famous verses of this book, we have come to the conclusion that the intended audience for the Quran was the people of that time as well as Modern Scientific Scholars. For example, see the following statements…

“Then the Lord turned to the formation of the heavens when they were but a smoky material.” (41:11)

“Do the non-believers not behold that the heavens and the earth were combined together before we divided them apart and that We created all living beings into existence from water? Why do they still not have faith in God?” (21:30)

You can ask any cosmologist and they would tell you that these statements are basically what the big bang theory and the expansion of universe concepts are all about. People of those times had no knowledge of these facts. The modern scientific world seems like the perfect audience for these statements.       

At another point in the book, there is written…

“We made the thing which sticks into a chewed lump of flesh and We created the masticated flesh into bones, and We cloaked the bones with intact flesh”. (23:14).

These statements describe the whole process of embryology in a concise yet accurate manner. Muslims claim the Quran to be a comprehensive book that covers all aspects of human life, and these statements really do back that concept.

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Now back to the topic, the Scientific world agrees Water be the most crucial element that is responsible for making and sustaining and nurturing life. Astonishingly enough, the Quran explained that fact 1400 years ago 

“We created every living thing from water. Will, they not believe?” (21:30)”

Such profound wisdom indeed was way to advance for that person of those times. Such kind of statements is a clear indication to the Quran’s credibility for modern times. 

There are institutions all around the world that have made it their life’s purpose to study and unravel the mysteries written in the Quran. There are online as well as physical institutions that do this kind of profound work. There are Online Quran Classes for kids that you can enroll your kids in to learn about the scientific Facts mentioned in the Quran. 

Quran has also quite beautifully explained the process of reproduction in plants. It had been a matter of great mystery in the scientific world. Quran says…

“Do they not look at the earth, where we made the plants in pairs”. (26:7)

This concept got proven a few decades back. If you think about it, there was no point in explaining this to the people of those times as they had no tools and knowledge to test this statement. Another indication that the Quran indeed holds Credibility even after over 1400 years.

With everything being said since the scientific world keeps changing you never know what new theory or idea might come up that would argue the credibility of these concepts. But as far as the most recent scientific studies are concerned, they do stand behind the facts mentioned in the Quran.