Green trees are eye-catching as well as integral parts of our eco-system. Cutting them is prohibited in most of the countries because of the scarcity. They can grow and thrive in almost every climatic condition. Sometimes, we find them in unfavourable locations where removal remains the only option. Apart from this, many other reasons are responsible for the removal of tree such as:- 

  1. A partially broken tree in the wind 
  2. A dead tree leaning in any random direction
  3. The roots of a tree interfering in the underground pipeline or house foundation

Lopping can help to an extent in this concern but not always. The tree cutting service providers remove its crown partially if its height is becoming the reason for removal. When the final option is only cutting, it is advisable to contact an arborist agency. Arborists hold the adequate experience to deal with all kinds of trees. Also, they have special equipment to remove every single part of the tree as per requirement. In short, tree removal require adequate experience which is not possible for a beginner. Here we are mentioning the complete procedure of tree removal by professionals in detail. 

Complete tree removal with these professional steps

  1. When you call an arborist agency, they will send some experts to the location to inspect the geographical conditions and the dimensions of a tree. 
  2. After examining every aspect, the next step is bringing all essential equipment for the cutting of a particular tree. 
  3. If the tree is standing in an open ground with no infrastructure around, they just use a chainsaw and cut it down. However, most of the tree cutting locations are in a crowded area where the utmost level of perfection is required. 
  4. A tree cutting service provider starts from the lowermost branches and gradually moves higher. The use a chainsaw to slice down the branches in order to expose the entire trunk. 
  5. After removing the branches, they use a special harness to reach the top and start cutting its trunk in the size of slippers. 
  6. Once the entire tree is sliced down safely, the next step is its right disposal. The trunk is useful for manufacturing furniture products whereas branches act as firewood for the winter season. They collect the remaining residue and utilize it for producing compost. The best bandsaw for resawing is You can check it.

What About the Stump?

You are missing a big part of tree removal which is stump elimination. Stump looks very small but it is the most stubborn part of a tree. A large tree grasps the soil and stones very tightly and deeply. Therefore, removal is very difficult. A professional arborist uses a tree stump grinder for chipping out the entire stump from the ground. Apart from the traditional method of grinding, they also root it out with a winch or use acid to rot before removing. 

These are the professional ways of tree removal with complete tree stump grinding. Search online for an arborist in the locality who is providing complete tree removal including its stump. 

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