The importance of electronics in our daily life has increased significantly. From Sitting in an air-conditioning office to eating ice cream from the refrigerator at home, we are surrounded by appliances. 

It is also true comfort has its costs. If you have appliances, they will definitely cause you to trouble by breaking down. If appliances break down within the warranty period, then it’s good, you can replace it for no cost, but what if they broke down after the warranty period? 

Replacing it would cost a fortune. Maybe it’s good to get it repaired? Probably, but it is not good every time to get it repaired. Sometimes repairing appliances cause more than getting replaced. So, how would you know when a repair is better than replacement?

There are mainly two types of situations and problems in appliances: Common problems and Exclusive Problems. To solve this hassle, which you’ll face when your refrigerator would break down, or your washing machine wouldn’t turn on, or your microwave oven wouldn’t heat, here are some situations when you should or shouldn’t seek appliance repair:

  • Common Problems: The problems which are almost the same in every type of appliance are called common problems. The first thing you should remember when deciding about repair is Repair Cost. If the repair cost is more than 40 percent of the original price of that particular appliance, you should consider it replacing. Here are some common problems we face with our appliances:  
  • Doors would not lock or close properly: Every home appliance has a door with a rubber outline to make it airtight. If you face problems with doors and rubber, then you should just call a professional appliance repair service provider without worrying. Repairing a door or replacing rubber tubes wouldn’t cost you much. Because this is a pretty common problem, repair and replacement are easily available. 
  • The Appliance wouldn’t turn on: The most common reason for an appliance isn’t turning on is worn out wire, broken connections inside panel, or melted wires. These are pretty straight-forward to solve. However, if there is a particular part which is not working, you should consider replacing it if it costs around $20-30. But, if that part is too expensive, then it’s wouldn’t be a good deal to have an appliance repair service.
  • Problems exclusive with appliances: There are a lot of problems which are exclusive to a particular appliance. For example, if the condenser is not working then it is an exclusive problem with refrigerators and air-conditioners. Considering the importance of these appliances, here are some appliance problems and when it’s better to repair instead of replacing:  
  • Refrigerator: They break down mainly for two reasons, condenser not working or cooling gas needs refilling.
  • Condenser isn’t working: When replacing a condenser is a bad deal for your pocket, repairing it is far better and money-saving. In most of the cases, condensers can be repaired by professionals that would cost around $50. And a repaired condenser can run without breaking down for 1-2 years.
  • Cooling gas needs refilling: Cooling gas refilling isn’t expensive at all. If your refrigerator is unable to generate cooling, then it probably needs a refilling. You will not need to replace your refrigerator just because of this.  
  • Washing machine: Washing machine repairs are generally expensive. If your washer is not spinning properly or malfunctioning, consider troubleshooting and replacing switches and control panel instead of getting a new washing machine. If your dryer isn’t working perfectly and your clothes come out torn or stretched, then you need to seek a professional appliance repair service to clean the drum and heating coil. This is because film generated from water covers the walls and due to heat, it turns them into a hard surface.
  • Microwave oven: Microwave ovens don’t break down easily. But if you face the problem and find out that your oven turns on by itself or you are unable to control temperature, then it’s time to repair and replace the control panel, not the whole microwave because it would be cost-friendly for you.
  • Dishwasher: Does your dishwasher stop abruptly without completing a cycle? This is the most common problem with dishwashers, which is also easy to repair and solve. Any appliance repair service provider can do it at minimal costs. Because there are some common reasons for your dishwasher to break down. The first reason could be the water supply. Insufficient water supply wouldn’t create enough pressure. The second reason could be the water pressure, of course. Even if the water supply is fine, that doesn’t guarantee that water pressure would be generated properly. Any professional would easily fix this problem. So, it’s better to seek a professional before you purchase a new dishwasher.

Bottom Line 

You should only replace your old appliance for three reasons: repairing cost is more than 40 percent of the original cost of the appliance; professionals suggest you replace it because it is already used for the years, and you find it creating problems too often even after repair.