They are the biggest Earth animals, and whales live in many oceans. These massive sea mammals weight starts from the dwarf sperm whale, which is 600 pounds, to the colossal blue whale that weighs over 200 tons and can stretch up until 100 feet, similar to the length of a pro basketball court.

Whales are air-breathing, social mammals, and they also feed their baby whales with their milk, and they are excellent in taking good care of the young and teaches them skills about life. A lot of people believe that whales are extraordinary creatures; they certainly have a sense of feeling about kinship.

There are some things near other-worldly about these sea animals. Whales put wonders in many individuals who they come in contact with. Whales are graceful, beautiful, mysterious, and unique: they sing, play, bond, nurture, and cooperate. While there are Whale types and information that you don’t know about them, here are some whale types and what to know about them.

Blue Whale

Blue whales are the largest animals on the planet, and they can grow up to a length of 25 meters. You can also compare them with the size of 15 school buses or 20 elephants, and they can have a lifespan between 80-90 years. Usually, blue whales swim alone or in groups consist of 2-4. Except for the sea in the Arctic, they can roam the whole ocean of the planet. In some places where there is much available food, they commonly come together for over fifty blue whales.

Did you know that you can use the poop of the blue whales as fertilizers? Because they eat a lot of food, digested meals can be fertilizers for the shallow ecosystems. Also known as ambergris, blue whales can produce poops above 200 liters for every bowel movement. Aside from its purpose in the ecology, the poop of the whales has high money value because it is used in the perfume industry. With that, there are also more blue whale facts that you might want to check out.

Humpback Whale

They are called humpback whales because of their habit of bending and raising their back for a dive preparation, accentuating their hump in the dorsal fin’s front. They are also popular among the large whales because they sometimes collect in a group close to land while drawing attention by their behavior to themselves.

Flipper slap, lob tailing, breaching are the usual and sometimes occur many times in one row. They swim slowly, which enables whalers and tourist boats to get closer. Males at the time of breeding sing the most complex and longest songs in the kingdom of animals.

Killer Whale – Orca

Killer whales are also known as Orcas, which is their Latin name. They are among the well-known whale types because marine aquariums capture them to perform tricks and entertain visitors.

Killer whales are at the top of their food chain, and they are toothed whales. They are sometimes called “sea-wolves”, and they always hunt in a group or “pods.” They have a broad taste, ranging from fish and krill to seal, penguins, and even bigger baleen whales.


There are different kinds of whales, and each has different characteristics. These aquatic creatures are the largest animals on the planet, especially the blue whales. If you study more about whales, you can learn more facts and information about them. Those exciting facts will make you say that God’s creations are the greatest.