Bangalore was once a city of lakes with plenty of fresh water and beautiful views. It has now become just dust, road, and concrete. Whatever water body we have is currently unusable due to our own negligence and foolishness. If this continues, we all know that it would not be late before we will be crying for water. With more and more residential properties coming up each day, it is going to be a humongous task to get the water body replenished for us to survive in the near future.  

There are several schools of thought regarding the ultimate cause of this degradation. But one thing that we cannot ignore is the fact that there are several residential properties that are standing on the illegal and encroached land. Many of the flourishing lakes have now disappeared under these concrete buildings. Not only have we taken over those lakes but are also polluting the existing ones with the sewage water into it.  

The increasing number of population and the demand for water by them has reduced the groundwater level. We are not getting enough rain to repay the ground to keep up the level. The only solution right now is to implement the rainwater harvesting system. With that implemented we can redirect the rainwater back into the earth for our future use and can also possibly reduce the flooding.  

How many properties do really have this system implemented? Only a very few of them have it that helps the environment. This is not enough! As customers what we can do is insisting on buying only those properties that have this system implemented or are planning to incorporate in their plans. Even if the area is crowded, there are a few villa projects in Whitefield that have this system which is quite commendable.  

If we are not careful now, we will suffer in the future. In addition, the property market would also suffer as a study predicts that this city is sooner going to be parched with no water to use. We do not want that! As of now, to add salt to the wounds there are tankers calling strike which has literally dried up some parts of the city.  

Now the upcoming villa projects in Bangalore are moving towards the suburbs where the water availability is more. But, if we are not careful enough, even that water is going to disappear sooner than later.  


The real estate industry must take some stern actions and plans to get the city right back on track. We can do our roles by reducing water consumption. Even the mere savings could add up to zillions of liters of water. How much water do we waste with our ROs? We can make the necessary changes to redirect it for better usages. There might be other better ways by which we can save water. Each of us has our own ideas. Why don’t we use them in the best way that we can and save our city from its impending doom?