In this fast-paced world, we have to adjust our schedule to manage our time efficiently. However, we often forget that we are also compromising our health if we skip or replace some habits. One of these habits is having breakfast in the morning.

For example, you barely get any sleep last night because of an exam or a project at work. When you wake up in the morning, you have to finish what you did last night and go through traffic on the way to school or work. There is no time left to grab a quick sandwich.

Skipping breakfast is becoming so common that it is almost the new normal. It came from people bragging that they can last a day without breakfast to actually getting surprised by those who manage to make a meal in the morning.

Skipping breakfast is not a sin, but you are missing out on the advantages of having one every morning. Sure you can try and make up for the nutritional content you missed later in your lunch or dinner. But perhaps these benefits will convince you better to start having breakfast:

Healthy Metabolism

If you eat a meal in the morning, this kick starts your metabolism early on in the day as well. In return, your body will be able to burn calories more effectively. This will help you get rid of bad cholesterol and sugar, which are responsible for heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

If you don’t immediately eat in the morning, you’re more likely to eat a lot more later in the day. Think about it, if you are full at the start of the day, you wouldn’t feel weak and have the desire to overeat. At breakfast, you have the chance to replenish your system with healthier foods like grains and fruits, as opposed to indulging in foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Improved Weight

With healthy metabolism comes better weight management. And what is the result of managing your body to be at a healthy weight? Like we have said earlier, you’ll also be less likely to get heart diseases and diabetes associated with obesity.

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to leave you feeling famished. Along with exercise, a proper diet is also essential to achieve your “body goals.” You can still indulge yourself in a morning crepe easily using a pan like this. Simply switch sugary ingredients with healthier alternatives.

Eating breakfast can help you curb potential cravings in the day. Since you have filled up on fiber and protein in the morning, you’ll also have an easier time keeping your appetite in check throughout the day. You no longer have to find junk foods and sweets appealing when you feel full already. A healthy diet means a healthy weight.

Better Mood

Are you familiar with the term, “hanger”? In fact, you have probably experienced it yourself. Hanger or being angry out of hunger is something that is actually easy to prevent. You may not feel hungry immediately in the morning, but after an hour or so, you’ll start to feel irritable and sluggish because you have not fueled yourself yet.

You need to replenish the nutrients used by your body even if you don’t feel hungry yet. This way, you don’t end up craving unhealthy foods. If you go through your day feeling tired, it will be hard to focus, and it will leave you feeling cranky.

You have to boost your energy by replacing what your body lost during the fasting period when you slept. You’ll find an easier time concentrating and solving a task when you don’t feel hungry and irritated.

Energy Booster

As we have discussed previously, with replenished energy comes a better mood. And with better mood comes brainpower. If you are the type who is awake early but is not really “awake,” you probably tackle half of the day like a zombie.

This is because your body needs glucose as its fuel. Without this “juice,” you will be considerably more sluggish and less attentive than usual. Tasks that are easy to do feels harder, and if you don’t perform at your best the first time, it’ll just lead to more work later on.

Your body has been using the glycogen you stored when you are sleeping. But when you wake up, you need to replenish your low glucose storage. Sure, your body can use fats, but since they are just partially oxidized, you’ll still feel tired.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast

If it still feels impossible for you to have breakfast in the morning, let us give you some ideas on the meals, hackleback sturgeon, that you can easily and quickly prepare. At night, you can make overnight oats that will be ready to eat in the morning.

You can put any ingredient that you like so both sweet-tooths and savory-lovers can eat what they want. According to, you can also replace unhealthy sugar with some fruits to improve the taste. Another recipe that needs no cooking is basically a mix of wholegrain cereal, fruits, and yogurt. Even kids will love the taste, and it will just take you minutes to make cereal in the morning.

If oatmeal and cereals aren’t your thing, simple English muffins with boiled eggs, some cheese, and tomatoes is another tasty treat. You can also use your leftovers and prepare sandwiches and meal preps on the weekend, so all you do in the morning is reheat the packs in the fridge.

Sandwiches and smoothie are also excellent on-the-go meals that are cheaper and healthier than your fast food drive-through of coffee and donuts. Besides, if you allocate some time to wake up 10 minutes earlier, you’ll be training yourself to stick to a healthy sleeping schedule. And also, a healthy diet in the morning is an excellent motivator to follow through with exercising. If you are used to eating unhealthy foods, you’ll be less likely to be inspired to work out.

There are a lot of easy meals available online, so it’s unlikely to get bored with the breakfast combos that you can make. Breakfast is not as tiring and annoying as it seems once you learn the ways to enjoy it.