Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the 16th of June. Nowadays, it is an era of social media; people like to show their love for the loved ones more on social media, such as Instagram because of the reach they get in return and to make them a part of the trending posts and hashtags. Posting on the social media applications like Instagram give people a feel of acceptance and positivity, which is surely a good thing. Some of the effective tips and tricks are discussed below to write a best caption of Father’s Day on Instagram, which will earn you some more Instagram followers too. 

First of all, try to narrow down the topics on which you want to write a caption, for example, whether you want to think him for everything he has done, show your love for him, talk about his heroic role in your life, the circumstances and struggles he faced in his life to bring you up or simply just talk about him in general. Short listing will enable you to focus on one thing, instead of becoming totally overwhelmed and missing out on the actual purpose of the caption. 

Secondly, select a good and heart-melting picture of you both, preferably. Try writing words, which can either directly or indirectly relate to that picture or can simply describe the true meaning of love and bond behind that. Use words such which can depict your actual feeling about the relationship, instead of focusing on what others have written. Anything, which will be written with your heart, will make its way to the popularity and Instagram hits.

Thirdly, use caption appropriate hashtags to gain more Instagram followers with the help of your captions. Start pouring how you feel about your father, rather than copying someone else’s idea or caption because you want to make your father feel special on top of all the social media chaos, that is the sole purpose behind writing a heartfelt caption. 

Make sure to write captions, which are not very long and are to the point, because not everyone is interested in reading lengthy paragraphs. They want to quickly skim through, which shall give them a fresh feel of words. Moreover, try to incorporate some famous quotations within your captions, this way you will get more ideas to make your caption better by revolving it through the basic idea of that quotation. 

Some of the best Instagram captions for the Father’s Day also include some of the childhood experiences of the people. They try to spice up the things, both emotionally and strategically by writing a mix of both the personal and worldly experiences, which they have lived with their fathers over the period. 

These are some of the ways, which can lead to writing some of the best captions for the Instagram, for the Father’s Day. Following these steps will surely motivate you to write something new and refreshing to make your Father’s Day special.