If you are an interior design fan, the year 2019 has plenty of options for you. You can indeed check out a few excellent and fabulous furniture styles for your home or office. No matter whether you are looking for the options for your funky living room or a classic bedroom, there are a set of huge options available to quench your thirst of unique designs. 

Vintage style designs

Of course, not every one is happy with vintage designs, but it can be an excellent option to combine the vintage and modern architectural styles together. The styles that come straight from the 1960s and 70s have been quite impressive enough. Velvety design, coupled with high backs and beautiful fabrics, can be something you would find impressive in any room. 

Floral upholstery and motifs

The floral motifs have always been wonderful and have been something that has impressed the home owners for a long time. If you are in Virginia, the Good Wood Furniture in Virginia can provide you with a better insight into better styles and designs. In fact, this is yet another style that has come back from the time and expected to go mainstream quite soon. Once again, you can give a contemporary twist to the classic designs.

Minimalistic designs

This can be one of the best styles that would suit those of you who do not like the gaudy designs. The trend has been quite popular since 2018 and impressing a lot of households. In fact, the simple modular pieces have become one of the prominent options, and the style is getting more popular this year. The furniture with low profiles and neutral color options have been something that has become a norm of late.

Colorful designs

After the focus on the minimal design, there are some of you who love the bright color options. The interior designers have been looking at the prospect of an enhanced and improved focus on the vibrant furniture options. Of course, it may take a while for that to happen, but the trends have definitely been indicative of something along those lines. 

Cozy Beds 

This is yet another style statement that you can make when it comes to your furniture. The cozy beds have been turning into the in-thing and can be quite relaxing and nurturing when you sleep. The perfectly upholstered construction, coupled with comfortable textile, can be an exceptional choice. The new design is set to work as a warm hug and help you have a good night’s sleep. 

Geometric Patterns

This is yet another new trend that has been coming up in recent times. How about using or opting for the geometric patterns? In fact, the previously widely used options like over scaled and asymmetrical objects, we are now moving towards the geometrical shapes. That is a somewhat perfect and excellent option for achieving the best results. It has been one of the new trends in the furniture industry. 

What else can we expect? 

The furniture styles in the future are likely to be moving towards a further unique concept. The multifunctional and sustainable design is what you would want to focus on. In fact, the top designers of today are more focused on these aspects, and this can be the right way to develop the furniture of the future. 

The future belongs to Artificial Intelligence, and we expect it to have a bearing on the furniture design and styles as well. This can be more so in case of the beds and furniture used for sleeping or relaxing. The furniture with air suspension systems can be one of the best options you can expect in the future. 

Well, in any case – we do foresee a perfect change coming up in the furniture arena. In fact, furniture can make or break a home. Opting for the right furniture should be what would be helpful in more ways than one. The furniture trends and styles outlined in the above discussion should be helpful enough in arriving at the right kind of choice for your furniture. We made an attempt at checking in with the designers and industry experts while compiling the above trends and styles that we can expect. 

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