YouTube has more than a billion active users or viewers, which is a huge number of people. With a YouTube channel, you can capture at least some of the viewers and transform them into your loyal followers or subscribers – earning from them over the long term. However, it is not enough to get views for your YouTube channel. You would like to know how to bag more YouTube followers who would watch and engage with your created videos, and share them with friends and others, as you go on creating more over time. Here are some of the best ways to grow your YouTube follower count in 2020. 

Develop a “channel trailer”

Imagine your YouTube channel as a film. Just like a film, your channel needs an audience and a trailer or promo video is one of the best ways to grab the eyeballs. You can find many YouTube channels displaying their trailer right at the top of their channel pages, and it rolls automatically when you visit that page. This is a cool and easy way to let random visitors know what they should expect from your channel. 

You may either create a pastiche of footage from previous works or create a special short promotional film that directly reveals the content and mission of your channel to the audience, requesting them to subscribe at the end. 

Think about a pitch

As a starter YouTube channel owner, a pitch can be a great way to inform viewers what your channel comprises. You can use it in the ‘About’ section of your channel, and add an intro and more to effectually communicate the content of your YouTube channel. This is a stronger call-to-action message that can work as a teaser for viewers, giving them an idea of upcoming content. 

You can make a simple pitch like ‘I will post more videos on my channel only when you subscribe, and I have a goal (of getting a specific number of followers) that you can help me fulfill with a button-press’. It can be an easy way to motivate new viewers to hit the button ‘Subscribe’.

Use video thumbnails that grab attention

Thumbnails can be visual titles for your YouTube videos and can get you more followers when created in a very appealing way. You can invest enough time to ensure you get consistent results, given that it ensures coherence for your channel. YouTube allows you to pick for each video the kind of frames that can be used as in the form of a thumbnail. However, you can possibly get a better response when you design one of your own. 

There are free software tools called Canva that allow you to make custom thumbnails for every YouTube video, which can catch attention and make your videos look coherent when viewed at a glance. This can make every video look more exciting, and can convey better to every possible subscriber about the content of the videos and the aim of your brand. 

Team up with other YouTubers

Collaboration can help gain views from new people. But it can help only when you tie up with other YouTube channel owners that have audiences who are similar to yours. The process is simple:

  • Contact a YouTuber that you think you can benefit with
  • Convey that you would like to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with him
  • Suggest a cross-promotional idea

It is quite common to have a YouTube partner show up in any of your videos, and vice versa, where each can endorse the other before a bigger audience. 

Make use of ‘hype’ over something or someone

A good YouTube strategy is to make videos that cover some product or service that is already getting a lot of hype. You might have seen so many YouTubers posting movie, song and even trailer or teaser reviews? This is a good way to rake in the moolah from something that has a ready audience already. When you create a video that is based on a celeb, a movie or a current trend, it can be more clickable and get attention to your channel. Within a few hours, you can get lots of new followers or subscribers. 

With well-timed posts, you can increase the relevance of your channel among viewers who might otherwise have overlooked it. 

Recommend other videos with YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards are interactive, clickable cards that appear within YouTube videos as thumbnail overlays. These can be a great way to suggest other content in a video, such as:

  • Products
  • Links
  • Channels
  • Particular videos
  • Playlists

YouTube cards can help you to recommend other content inside a video, and quickly grow your number of followers in 2020. It is a great way to help users find other videos of similar types within your channel, and can increase the popularity of your channel.