A decade ago, you probably wouldn’t have given much thought to the kind of underpants you wore. The only concern you had back then was to keep it spotless and odorless. Why, in the world, does it matter what you’re wearing underneath. Right?


It matters. Knowing you’re wearing good stuff down there, changes your attitude. You can move about with confidence. Even though the style barely changes from briefs, boxers, or boxer-briefs, it’s the innovation in fabric and fit that determines what to wear and when. The comfort of whitey tighties is hard to find, but it’s not what you can wear on all occasions. 

Before you set out on market navigation, you should determine your body type. Do you have a wide waist? Is your belly flat or round? How wide are your thighs? Good knowledge of all proportions will enable you to pick the right products.

Below, we have broken down the types of underwear you should familiarize yourself with:


Boxer shorts, introduced in 1925, give you a loose-fitting. They have an elastic waistband, just like the ones worn by boxers. It is perfect if you are looking for something that covers your thighs and dresses them nicely. It resembles the shorts, but it is a little more padded. It makes the lower part of the body look bigger than its real size.

Boxers are a good choice for those who are skinny as it conceals the slight disproportions. For some people, it is the perfect attire for a lazy Sunday evening in bed.


Briefs are the most classic of the underpants, dating back to the old days. They are available in different variations and sizes. Each provides a particular level of coverage and support. The exposed area of the leg is easy to move.  It has deviations like covered-fit, low-rise, side-less-sport briefs, and closer-to-the-body. 

The size of the briefs is smaller than the boxer shorts. It covers only the buttock and genital area. You might feel hesitant wearing briefs on a bare body but notice how fashion magazines guide you to shed off the hesitation. You’ll find plenty of ideas on how to pair up the briefs with different patterns and colors.

Boxer Briefs

 Boxer briefs skim down the leg and hit just about the mid-thighs. It is great for people who want better coverage and protection during a workout or sports routine. As compared to the other two, boxer-briefs are longer in size and cover more portion of your thighs. It works well for wider waists and different leg sizes. Its fitted style makes it suitable to wear them beneath clothes as pants slide up easily.

Functionality and comfort

The importance of functionality and comfort of undies only hits you when you’re wearing not-so-comfy underwear. Here is a fact – there is more to it than feeling relaxed. You need the necessary support to walk and move easily.


Speaking of comfort, briefs are by far the best when it comes to supportive underpants. They provide greater freedom for motion. The soccer icon David Beckham also endorses the elevated comfort level of whitey tighties. Yet, if you plan on having a proactive day, you can also pick boxer-briefs. They are just the right choice for an intense day at work.

Boxers should be your ultimate choice when you plan on spending the whole day indoors. It lacks support, so much so that you may feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all!


The job of your underwear is to cover and protect. If it is fulfilling these tasks, good! If not, you have to switch. 

Most people rank boxer-briefs to be highly functional. It covers the inner portion of your thigh and doesn’t bring up issues like other variety. There are problems like briefs that do not cover the inner part of your thighs properly and cause chafing when the body moves.  

And don’t get me started on the functionality of boxers because there isn’t any! (besides covering only)

What type of underwear should you wear?

After acknowledging the types of underpants, it is necessary to evaluate which one would work for you. As mentioned earlier, it depends on your body type. If you are a sports junkie with athletic built, you can even rock plain black briefs.

If you’re a middle-aged man who isn’t so confident about his body, you may end up opting for boxers or boxer-briefs. And if you are skinny, go for boxer-briefs as that will cover more of your body and make your legs look less wobbly.

Not too tight

Wearing tight underwear gives you a better shape, but there are some downsides you must know about. Several studies reveal that wearing tight underwear causes fertility issues. A paper published in The Journal of Urology in 1984 explores the problem in detail. To ensure you don’t fall into any such issue, find a quality men’s cooling underwear.

And if there is no such concern, go for any kind you like. 

Mix it up

Don’t restrict yourself to a certain kind. Rather, keep a variety of underpants in your stock. Try having fun with colors, patterns, and styles. Switch from boxers to briefs and boxer-briefs according to your situation.

Final Words

The only way you’re going to understand the difference better is by trying them on. 

Whichever style you select, make sure you take care of the basics. Discard your undies once they have passed their prime. Keep them clean and hygienic. After all, there is no point in keeping a variety if you don’t pay attention to essentials.