Birth of a child is a joyous and much-anticipated event, which however creates a number of difficulties. You start altering your life to the new conditions, and it changes completely.

You have to solve a huge number of problems that you’ve never thought of before: which bassinet to buy for a child, what to take him on walks in, where to swaddle him after a bath or where to change diapers.

  • Changing Pads — Mother’s Helpers 

You want your child to grow healthy and strong, so from the first days of his life, you always do gymnastics with him, developing his arms and legs. Where is the most comfortable to do it? Of course, you can use a sofa or put a mat on the floor, but the most convenient thing for doing gymnastics or massage is to purchase a cheap, space-saving, comfortable changing pad for kids.

Using a changing pad is worth it, as there is usually no free space in a room to put a changing table or swaddling cabinet. And these things cost much more. The changing pad can be easily mounted on the baby’s bed, writing table, sofa, parents’ bed.

There are many different models to choose from. There are special changing pads, that have kickstands and support stands for steadiness on solid surfaces. You can find pads in a form of a commode cover. There are also models in a form of stuffed mats that have solid plywood base.

Special boards prevent baby from falling out of a changing pad when mom looks away. They usually have two boards parallel to the baby’s body so that he couldn’t slide down when rolling on a side. Some models have an additional headboard. It is needed for when a child grows up a little bit and starts crawling on a spine, pushing away from the surface with legs.

  • Materials 

Changing pads, like all products for babies, should be produced from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. But apart from that, the materials should be hygienic, it should be easy to take care of them, so that kids’ things would always be clean and neat.

Various materials are used for manufacture of these products. Let’s talk about their peculiarities in detail. 

  • Cloth for Babies

These products are often covered with specialized cloth for babies. Such models are very easy to wash; they can be also used as a bathing mat. It’s very easy to bathe baby on such a soft cloth, instead of putting him on a solid ceramic surface.

It’s very important for the cloth surface to not be sticky, cause allergic reactions or irritate baby’s delicate skin. To avoid such unpleasant situations, it’s better to not buy cheap cloths of unfamiliar brands. Purchase high-quality products of well-known companies that have all the necessary certificates.

  • Models with Special Protective Cover 

In these models, a special cotton protective cover is put on a pad. It can be easily taken off and washed. In order to put the baby on a towel, Velcro is attached to the cover, and it will be very convenient for you to change the towel without washing the entire cover. Towel can be changed after every procedure, and you will be 100% sure in the complete hygiene of the process.

  • Models with Skylon

Development of technologies allowed to produce changing pads with the usage of the most modern materials.

Recently, products have been gaining popularity, the outer shell of which is made of a special film, and skylon is placed inside. It’s an elastic material that restores its shape instantly. Even if your child is very restless and jumps on a pad, it won’t deform during the whole period of usage. 

  • Models from Polyester Foam

Products with polyester foam fillers are no less durable.

This material has been successfully used in the production of orthopedic matrasses and pillows for a while now. Unfortunately, polyurethane foam is no longer deemed safe for babies

  • Rubber Models

If you are home, you can swaddle the baby in his bed. But how to do it when travelling? If you travel by car, you can take your changing pad with you. But if you go by plane, there’s no sense in bringing this large-format thing with you.

For travelling, it’s better to purchase special rubber changing pad.

It should definitely be checked in order not to deflate. If the model doesn’t have an additional cover, you can use the one from your home changing pad. As noted above, cotton covers with Velcro are very useful for fastening one-use towels.

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