Designing a website for your business is one of the best decisions that you can make. It is the best platforms to market your product and services to the countless online audience all across the web. 

Many people have misconceptions regarding the creation of website design. They think that website design and development is an easy task. In fact, this task requires great skills, knowledge, and expertise. Similar to this, there are several other myths associated with website design.  Custom WordPress development services are provided by many companies.

A website can be designed by anyone

With the extensive use of WordPress, it becomes simpler to create a website. However, there are several other tools that you would require to design a compelling website that requires specialized skills to work with. 

WordPress is just a part of the website designing process. Besides this content management system, there are several other software and technologies required for designing an attractive website such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.  

Media One is one of the leading companies to offer the best website design in Singapore. The expert web design professionals at this website have the ability to develop awesome websites that are SEM, SEO, and social media-friendly. 

Designers Are always obliged to assist their clients

People have this misconception that when a web designer gets work, he is obliged to assist you and keep you informed about the progress in every single second. This is true that you are paying them and so they need to respond regularly. Though a dedicated web designer brings you fascinating web designs, they are not always grateful to serve you.

Thinking mobile and responsiveness to be same 

Another wrong concept that people are thinking is responsiveness and mobile to be the same. In fact, the opposite is true. Responsiveness is seen as the capability of a website to operate from any platform and any device, whereas apps are specifically built for mobile devices and tablets. This clearly shows that both these concepts do not share any similarity between them. 

No need for extra space

Most of the people consider that a site need not have any extra space in it. However, the fact is that people like to visit a website that is cleaner, spacious and has plenty of white space. Such websites look more appealing and better organized.


Learning about these myths and getting clarity of the fact will help you excel in your website designing process.

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