Abdominal pain! Passing of hard stools! Once you are pregnant you could be facing up to signs of constipation. The prenatal vitamins or hormonal balances have a say of constipation in early pregnancy.

The reasons for constipation

A rise in the levels of hormone could be one of the main reasons for constipation. This is going to include your intestines means lower digestion and can pave way for constipation. Once you are pregnant constipation is a common cause of worry. Nearly 3 out of 4 women suffer from constipation at some point during pregnancy. Be it from over the counter pills to natural ones a host of remedies are available in order to combat constipation. But once you become pregnant the quantum of solution goes on to sink. To deal with constipation in pregnancy there are some remedies that are natural and safe.

For starters a diet rich in fibre is known to prevent constipation. For pregnant women a supply of vitamins and antioxidants is needed. As pregnant women you should include dietary fibre of 25 grams to 30 grams in order to be regular and healthy. The good choices include, fresh fruits and vegetables and even whole bread. Opt for a mixture of fruits for a delightful fruit salad. If possible you can roast some sweet corn.

During pregnancy it is really important to be hydrated. Ideally you need to double your intake of water. For a pregnant woman they need to drink close to 12 glasses of water every day. This is going to keep your bowels soft and food would move through the digestive tract.

The message is to break the food into 5 smaller meals so as to provide constipation relief. This ensures that the food can be digested and you do not have to work overtime. In fact the food transfers to the intestine in a smooth manner. Once you consume large meals it tends to overload your stomach and it really makes it harder for the digestive system to process the food that you have consumed.

Regular physical activity can help you to combat constipation. Exercise is bound to stimulate your bowels and as a pregnant woman you need to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes in a day. In terms of exercises the options seem to be endless. Practicing prenatal yoga or a session at the gym is expected to churn in more rewards. You need to check out with the doctor on what are the exercise that are safe for the mother and even the baby.

If all the natural options have failed to provide the desired results, then the doctor would suggest medicines on a short term basis so as to help women with constipation. But using it on a long term basis can lead to dehydration. The list is followed by a host of iron supplements.

Basically the stool softeners are medications and you need to check out with the doctor that it really works out .

To sum it up constipation during pregnancy is something that cannot be avoided, but you can take remedial measures to reduce it.

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