Just like breasts, butts also come in many shapes and sizes. However, butts are not as complicated as breasts. You have to consider a lot of things when it comes to picking the right type and size of bra. In the case of underwear, it is all about your style preferences and comfort. The design and style of underwear are based on the function of the outfit you choose to wear. This is the reason why your underwear can make it or break it. Underwear not fitting well can instantly kill your mood. 

You can choose from different types of underwear. Though not as difficult as picking bras, choosing the right type of underwear is also a little hard. You can choose the best cotton panties only when you are aware of the different types of underwear. So, shall you purchase hip hugger panties or boyshorts? Let’s find the answer. 


If you want to avoid visible panty lines then choose thongs. They offer super minimal coverage with T-shape string back which goes 3 inches below the waist. Sides go right above or at the hip bone. From lace to cotton, they are made from a variety of fabrics. Thong can be the perfect underwear that you can wear every day and even on special occasions. You can wear bare cheek thongs with tights and leggings, and form-fitting skirts and dresses. 


Hipster or hip hugger panties have low-cut leg holes. The waistband goes a couple of inches below your waist and sits on the hip. Lace, cotton, mesh, and microfiber are commonly used for making hipsters. You can wear them with low-rise pants and jeans. 


Bikinis and briefs are very similar but bikinis offer less coverage. The waistband of these panties with high-cut leg holes goes 3” below your waist. Bikinis are made from cotton, microfiber, and nylon. From your favorite mini skirt to jeans, you can wear bikinis with anything. 


Boyshorts are similar to hip hugger panties (hipster). However, boyshorts are lower-cut leg underwear. Their rectangular shape is different from most panties. As boyshorts are for comfort, they are made from nylon, microfiber, and cotton. You can wear them with medium to high-rise pants. They are perfect for a casual day. 


G-sting offers no coverage at all. They are made using delicate fabrics such as satin and lace. G-string works well for no-underwear underwear looks. You can wear them with leggings and tights, and bodycon skirts and dresses. Choose G-string to avoid visible panty lines. 


Briefs are for you if you want both front and back coverage. They are all about comfort. Cotton, nylon, and microfiber are commonly used for making briefs. You can shop briefs in a range of rises and wear them with low to high rise pants. 

Tanga Brief 

If you want medium to minimal coverage then opt for Tanga brief. The back cover is a little less than a bikini and more than a thong. If you want to wear something between a thong and bikini then Tanga brief offers you a good option. You can wear them with leggings and tights and form-fitting skirts and dresses.  


French-cut/high-cut underwear and the classic brief have the same high waist. However, high-cut leg holes of French-cut underwear rise the thigh just above the widest part. You can call them a hybrid form of bikini and brief. They are made using fabrics ranging from microfiber to mesh. You can wear them with low-rise pants and jeans. 

Control Brief 

If you want a regular brief that also serves the purpose of shapewear, pick control briefs. They are perfect for creating a smooth silhouette around the abdomen. Control briefs sit just under your belly button. You can wear them with leggings and tights and form-fitting skirts and dresses. 

The following are the most loved fabrics used for making:

  • Seamless 
  • Cotton 
  • Lace