Wedding planning is easily one of the most unnecessarily stressful things you will ever have to do in your life. You have to decide on so much that you may end up wanting to forget about it all towards the end of the process. However, these five things you cannot give up on, and make sure you have them to make the big day less stressful and completely worth the hard work.

Photographers and Videographer

While most people do have a photographer, many couples overlook hiring a videographer as well. While photographers capture the beautiful moments in pictures, videographers create your wedding on film, leaving you an even better way to look back and reminisce on your big day years later.

Your wedding video is the perfect thing for showing people who couldn’t attend or for showing your kids in the future, as the video can almost teleport you back to your wedding day. If you are not sure how to find a videographer, you can search “video photographer for hire” and do your searching, just like how you found your photographer.

Wedding Day Emergency Kits

While this is little, the emergency kits are SO helpful. If you make them, buy them, or assign a bridesmaid or maid of honor to make them, you will be so glad you did. Making them is incredibly easy as well, as there are so many things you can put in them. Extra nail polish, hair ties, hairspray, little snacks, bottles of water, tissues, ibuprofen, deodorant, and gum are all examples of small necessities you may forget about on your wedding day that should 100% be there.

Designated Problem Solver

Whether it’s a close friend, a wedding planner, or a family member, assigning someone the job of handling the phone calls from guests that are lost and running to the store to get extra bobby pins can create a less stressful experience for the almost newlyweds. This allows the couple to get ready without having to worry about the little things that may pop up and cause small issues on their big day.

A Loose but Necessary Schedule

Being on time is EVERYTHING on your wedding day, so you may want to create a schedule ahead of time that has room for bumps in the road, but doesn’t make you late for walking down the aisle. Do not let the plan take control of your day, however, because stressing about being done with makeup at 1:04 instead of 1:00 is not worth it. Let the schedule ease your mind, not stress it.

Trustworthy Decorators

Hiring decorators or letting your mom do it are both valid decorating options, as long as they know what you want and do their work timely and with quality. Getting worked up over the decorations you spent so much time looking for or creating from scratch can be avoided if you trust the hands you put your beloved décor into.