Windows 10 is a powerful operating system that is integrated with vast number of features that are easy to use and surprising to see the way it ease the performance on the screen. Despite of all the features and impressive functionalities there are concerns about various troubleshooting problems. These are most common to occur and the one that is often experienced by windows users is troubleshooting problems with connectivity to the network. 

Causes of Network Troubleshooting

There are many causes of network connectivity and majority of the time when you get a message stating that windows cant connect to this network, the major reasons are:

  • When you try to connect to a wifi connection at some public place like a café, restaurant, or any similar place
  • Issues with network drivers and adapters that often conflict the current functioning of the windows
  • There may be possibilities that the drivers are corrupted
  • You can even find trouble when there is an inappropriate setting of the window configuration
  • You even find trouble connecting to the network when there is internet access point is inundated

Fixing the Network Connections Bugs

Once when you completely know about the causes of network connection problems, you are best in the condition to fix the bug and get the system working again. Here are some of the best tips to fix the problem:

  • First and foremost verify that the existing problem is a problem concerning the operating system
  • Then check whether you are able to connect the network to any other device like your mobile phone or another laptop
  • Speak to your internet service provider and try to fix the problem if the concern is related to external troubleshooting
  • Try and reboot the modem of your connection 
  • Also work to reboot your router to ensure that the network connectivity problem gets fixed with ease
  • You can even try to unplug your modem and router from the power source for a minute and then plug in again
  • Enable your wifi connection. There is no way any system can ever connect to a network when the wifi connection is disabled
  • See whether the airplane mode of your system is enabled or disabled. Even when airplane mode is put to off, wifi won’t be able to connect to any network
  • Try and move near the router so that the distance between your system and router is reduced and you are easily able to connect to the network. This way no barrier or substance in between will be able to block the signals
  • Once the wifi is connected move a bit away to see how strong the signal is and then start working when you find the highest network strength
  • Try to manually connect to a network through the settings mode. Search for available network and then connect to the network you desire to 
  • You can also try to fix the problem by reconnecting your desktop or laptop. This will help resolve many technical issues and restarting refreshes the system so you may be able to connect to the network
  • You can even try and connect to a public wifi access point. However, make sure you use anti-virus software before connecting to a public wifi to ensure safety and security of your system as well as data
  • For connecting to a public wifi access make sure to work from a location that is less populated to ensure that the number of connections are limited
  • Also make sure to check for all sorts of window updates. If any driver, any setting, or any feature is not updated in windows 10, then there are high chances of you experiencing the network problem
  • You can even run the troubleshooter already installed or in-built in window programs. These are mainly done with a view to automatically resolve all troubleshooting issues
  • Then work to update the drivers of your network adapter if you feel that the drivers are outdated or incompatible. This will give you the latest versions of the driver perfectly aligned for use in the latest version of windows
  • You also have an option to manually update the drivers and then restarting the system
  • Then one way to fix the networking problem is to disable the windows 10 firewall that mainly works as a source of protection for windows 10. Then test the working of your system and once you feel all issues are resolved, make sure to enable the firewall
  • You also have an option to reset windows network and the entire network related settings on your windows. After resetting you also make sure that you restart the system to see whether the network connection has started working or not

So may tips are provided to ensure that you are able to fix the network connection problem of windows 10 on your own. Majority of the times, you will be able to resolve the concern with these measures yet there would be times, when you would find it difficult and challenging. This mainly happens when you are not a techno-person and you feel technology does not come to your dictionary of life. However, always keep in mind that fixing a problem is not technology; it is just a mere series of steps or measures that you just have to follow, that’s all. If you keep this mind, resolving the errors, fixing the windows network connection problem won’t ever be painstaking for you.