Everyone would agree that the sight of a single cockroach in the house is very disgusting and disquieting. It’s a sign that there are many more inside there hiding comfortably. Cockroaches paint a bad picture and give a negative impression about the state of your house cleanliness even though they thrive both in clean and dirty environments.

As long as they have what they need to survive, these roaches will continue breeding and messing your home until they are dealt with completely. If you are in this mess, visit https://adoosimg.com/ for free guides on how to eradicate this menace and other similar pests that are household. In the meantime, it’s very easy to get rid of cockroaches by disrupting their comfort zones and means of survival by following the below simple ways.

Deprive them of food and water

The source of food is essential for the survival of roaches. Sanitizing your house and more so the kitchen is essential to have a cockroach free home. It’s good to note that unlike other pests, cockroaches eat almost anything from cooked to raw food, crumbs and debris, and even old papers. Do not leave dishes in the sinks or on the counter overnight as you will be serving them dinner.

Clean all kitchen appliances to remove greases and food particles inside and outside. Take note of behind the refrigerator, toasters, microwaves, and around the kitchen sink. Empty the food cabinets and clean thoroughly any spills that provide a source of food. Utilize sealed glass or hard plastic containers to keep food than in loose plastic bags that are easy to penetrate.

Have you and your family consume meals from one area or room in the house to minimize the chances of food particles dropping all over. It will also make cleaning much easier and thorough. The same area, including the kitchen, should be wiped clean before going to bed and all foods and foodstuffs locked back.  Ensure any wastes to be put in garbage containers, covered and kept outside the house.

Finally, cockroaches are hardy pests and can go without food for more than three weeks but cannot live for more than a week without taking water. Before bedtime, dry all wet places in the house, including sinks, tubs, showers and plug back the drains to withdraw the slightest source of water. Keep the drip tray of your refrigerator empty and fix any leaking taps and pipes. Do this daily as any lapse will keep the roaches alive for longer.

Disrupt their hiding places

These pests won’t go away easily because you have deprived them of food but will stay in hiding waiting for a lucky day to feed. This is the time to take the next step. Disturb their comfortable dwelling places that include carton boxes, books and newspaper stacks and other small and dark places they hide during the day. Empty boxes of unnecessary stuff, dispose or recycle papers to deter cockroaches from coming back.

Empty shelves and cabinets once a week and rearrange the items taking note of any traces of infestations. In the process, destroy and wipe out laid eggs to prevent a new breed. Once they realize you aren’t giving them peace, they will move out, exposing them to pesticides. Light up your house to eliminate dark corners by opening windows for sunlight. Additionally, keep furniture, refrigerator, and cooker slightly away from the walls to uncover dark corners.

Seal all entry points

Roaches can find very tight cracks to hide all day where you can hardly spot them. The younger ones can hide even on much cracks spaces on the walls, kitchen cabinets, and frames. To keep off any future invaders, seal the cracks with a caulking gun and close holes on walls with appropriate materials. Ensure the window and door frames are tight and without gaps to keep them from entering the house.

Another possible entrance of this pest is the items we bring into our homes from other places and stores. When you purchase old furniture, fittings, and other accessories, make sure you inspect them carefully for possible cockroaches and other pests. You may decide to use a little spray to drive them out.

Search and kill

After doing all possible to eliminate the menace, cockroaches will hardly be fully eliminated before a couple of months. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the progress and identify any left and kill it immediately. You can use a glue board to monitor its movement. Place each board behind the toilets and appliances, inside and beneath cabinets and other areas that were previously infested. Continue with the exercise for two weeks to be certain that no single cockroach is left.

Cockroaches also keep close and stay in touch when moving around. Hence, bait is also recommended as an effective control mechanism. Once one roach feeds on a poisoned bait, it is capable of contaminating many other roaches by contact, feeding on its dead body or feces.


Cockroaches are a nuisance and a health hazard in the homes. Eradicating them is more than just spraying an insecticide. They can go into hiding for several weeks without food awaiting the effect of the spray to reduce. Hence they pose a challenge to many households, especially apartments that require every unit owner to take up the initiative. Understanding their natural behavior and working around destroying their comfort zone has proved to work better than using pesticides alone. Following these easy steps will, therefore, give you a cockroach free home with no time.

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