According to a recent report published online, digital marketers from all across the globe agreed that B2B email campaigns generate 47% more CTRs than B2C email campaigns. 59% of the B2B marketers who were polled also stated that they consider email as the most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.

Based on these statistics, it is not difficult to see why every business in Singapore that is in one way or another doing digital marketing is investing heavily in email marketing. Here are five email marketing hacks that work like magic all the time not only here in Singapore but also abroad.

Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that recipients will see when your email lands in their inbox. It is the primary factor that will either discourage or encourage them to open the email and read it. Woe onto you if they decide to delete it without even reading the contents. 

You can increase email-open rate by taking time to create a catchy subject line that is relevant to the audience. This does not mean that the subject line should have a click-bait structure. No, instead, is should be related to the contents of the email and your brand.

Work on Email Body

I don’t know about you but if I receive an email that has blocks of text or whose content is not properly structured, I just delete it. A majority of your recipients do the same and so it is imperative to make sure that you structure the email body well.

Use short paragraphs and strive to get to the point using as minimal words as possible. If you can convey the intended message in less than 100 words, it makes no sense to use 200 words or more. More importantly, the email body should be devoid of any grammatical errors and typos. It’s the simple errors that ruin everything. 

Include CTA in the Email Body

CTA (Call to Action) help the email recipient to know the next step they should take after reading your email. Nowadays, there is no shortage of CTA templates and designs that you can use to spice up your email copy.

Use colour contrast to make them pop and more visible. In additional, include a link in them such that whenever a customer clicks on them, he or she is redirected to the target landing page. This landing page should open in another window on the browser. Make sure that you test this link before sending out the email to get the best results.

Email Template

There are hundreds if not thousands of templates that you can use for email marketing in Singapore. However, they do not deliver the same results or work equally. It will also be difficult to stand out from the crowd if you use a template that is used by a multitude of other businesses. 

The same principle is true for website design in Singapore, you are better of investing in a template that has been built from scratch than using the free templates used by other brands. 

Stay safe and ahead of the curve by investing in a custom template. You could also take one of the pre-existing templates online and make it your own by adding unique elements that resonate with your brand and convey your business values.  Yoy can Get Digital signature for email too.

Carry Out A/B Tests

Carrying out A/B tests is the only way to know your email marketing campaign is headed in the right direction. Look for the best testing software online and use them to know elements and templates that work well with your marketing campaign in Singapore. For example, test different email templates and subject line to know if you need to tweak it. 

Closing Remarks

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can use in Singapore to generate more leads. Use the following tips to enhance the performance of your campaign. You can also get in touch with MediaOne Marketing for more guidance on how to do digital marketing and SEO in Singapore.