Clash Royale is a mobile app that is popular and downloaded by many users. The game is revolving on tournaments and cards. Unlike the Clash of Clans game, this game already gives you the resources, and this means that you longer need to find and generate for it. And other users can’t attack you if you are not online.

You won’t have a village like the Clash of Clans; instead, the game will give you a deck for combat, which is composed of your troops as cards that you will use to attack other players.

To play against someone, you need to use your troops and the same troops that you use in COC. Unlike the Clash of Clans, after you deploy the maximum count of your forces, you can wait for your elixir to generate to deploy additional troops again. Directly speaking, there is no limit when it comes to the number of troops that you can use.

Playing this app is fun, but it is more fun if you can play it with many devices and your desktop. And if you want to download the clash royale apk, many websites offer it, and also provide other relevant files. Softonic and APKsub are websites that can make it possible.

Not only that, you can play this app on your Android devices, but it is also possible to play it on your desktop via emulators such as Nox and BlueStacks. And for the downloading and installing of the game, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Visit a Site for APK Download

You need to choose from the trusted sources for APKs. Appmirror, Softonic, and APKsum are just some of the sites that are trustworthy and reliable for downloading APK files. You also need to wisely choose because you don’t want to download files with viruses from unsafe websites.

Find Clash Royale

Just like on the Google Play, find the Cash Royale game with the search bar because it is way faster and better compared to searching for the game manually on the site’s directories. The sites will also show the users the relevant games compilation after they finish searching.

Select Download APK

Now that you finish searching for the game, you have to click the download APK button when the site completes the loading time. With that, the site will bring you to another page, which is the loading page.

Click Start Download

The downloading of the file will start after you select the start download button that you need to follow in the previous step. Commonly, the APK file size is not that big of memory. Remember that these steps will only guide you in downloading the APK, not the game files itself, that you need to play the game. You also need to install the game update after you log in.

Enjoy The Game

After you finish all of the steps, you can now update the game so that you can start playing. Compete with other players online and make your strategy. Construct your current deck to be the ultimate weapon to knock off your opponents. Earn a lot of chests to unlock many rewards and collect new and powerful cards and upgrade your existing deck. Progress through different Arenas and earn your way to the top. Enter tournaments and dominate the game.


Now that you have the idea of how to play this game on different devices, you can now start enjoying it. If you want to be the best in Clash Royale, build your winning strategy, and crush your opponents.