The national bobblehead day is celebrated every year on January 7th, and fans all over the world commemorate this important day by collecting more figurines. It has been observed since 2015 and is gaining popularity each year. The New Year 2020 has just started, and businesses have lined up a set of activities. 

Definitely, on the calendar is the national bobblehead day. Of course, the holiday season is behind us now; however, for companies, every day is essential. A chance to market your brand and make more money. What are you planning? You can buy cheap bobblehead ninja and transform your business fortunes.

Probably the holiday season was pretty hectic since there were a lot of promotions and giveaways to clients. There were plenty of sales and maybe business was good. Did the national bobblehead day pass unnoticed? Definitely no. It’s an important day for businesses that use bobbleheads as a marketing tool. 

Briefly, in this article, we’ll highlight the importance of the national bobblehead day for businesses across all sectors.


What is the history of bobbleheads?

For close to 100 years now, bobbleheads figurines have entertained fans. They are appealing and comes in different sizes, forms, and shapes. They help commemorate celebrities, movies, characters, teams, and famous sports personalities. They also represent famous athletes and movie stars.

Clearly, bobbleheads have been around in most countries of the world, such as Germany and the US. Since the 90’s sports teams have been using them to promote their teams for matches or contests, they are given to fans to encourage them to attend matches and cheer the players. 

They are also useful as toys and parents buy them for their children. They are amusing, and most people get addicted to them. Similarly, they are collectibles, and some people will travel anywhere in the world to get their favorite bobbleheads.

How fans commemorate the national bobblehead day

Fans all over the world collect more bobbleheads on this special day. They also use social media to share their collections. It’s not uncommon to see tons of Facebook or Instagram pages flooding with bobblehead photos and images.

To spice it up, there is the bobblehead ninja company. Here you’re likely to find a wide collection of most famous bobbleheads ninjas.

Stay informed by downloading National day’s app

The pop of the internet has brought with it new changes in how people run their everyday life. You can stay ahead with information by downloading the national day app on your android or iOS device.

Here, you’ll get updates about what’s happening during any holiday. Businesses normally get an opportunity to feature various coupons. Therefore, fans can have fun as they celebrate and observe this important day.

The app also makes it possible for companies to plan a business event such as meetings. It’s also useful in other events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Therefore, if you missed this year’s national bobblehead day, get this app, and the next year you’ll be informed well in advance.

Various options available

The holidays may be behind us, at least for now. But there’s no stopping to buying gifts, and there are plenty of those online. You can grab the favorite bobblehead ninja, and here are arrivals and new stocks every day. Most feature some of the best players in top leagues.

Bobbleheads for businesses? Here is how to benefit

Every business needs a solid strategy to conquer and dominate the market. Bobbleheads are now taking control, and businesses are using them to promote their brands. A bobblehead image on your advertisement materials will surely attract attention. 

However, before choosing the best bobblehead, plan early, and choose the right design that will blend with your strategy, products, and services. Customers are likely to identify your brand, depending on things such as logos or bobbleheads. Therefore, there is a need for commitment on your part before making an order. 

Bobbleheads are important for marketing since they help enhance a brand’s visibility, and customers will likely have an attachment with your brand depending on what you have to offer to the market.

Take, for instance, an example of a team that would like to attract fans to watch a contest or match. The best bobblehead ninja is one that features the top player in the team. Be it baseball, hockey, or basketball. Fans will go crazy if you can offer to gift them with such giveaways during a match.

Likewise, if you have a health facility, you can have a doctor bobblehead designed for your business. Your clientele will identify with the bobblehead, and you can have it all prints and social media. It helps popularize your business, and this will lead to more sales.

Final words

Well, the national bobblehead holiday for this year is now behind us. However, you wouldn’t want to miss the next event since you’ll mark on your calendar. Alternatively, you can download the app in your smart device to keep a tab on things and to set a reminder for the next day. It’s surely a big day, and fans can get more collectibles. The year is still new and you can market your brand by use of bobbleheads. Be assured that by the next National bobblehead holiday, your clients will be allover collecting bobbleheads that present your brand. Alternatively, you can set the day to give your fans free bobbleheads during this all-important occasion. That’s our view, over to you now.