Persistence is a trait of people with a strong personality. It is a quality that motivates you to keep working hard and achieve what you desire. This makes you feel more confident and people around you look up to you and admire your qualities. In this article, Handy explains how persistence helps you and makes you succeed in life.

The Discussion

1. Successful examples of persistence

We all know that a lion is the King of the jungle and all beasts are scared of them. But did you know that in every five attempts to kill prey, it succeeds only once? It is the sheer determination to catch prey that motivates lions to make constant attempts until they succeed. The success in killing the prey on the fifth time is not noticeable to normal people. So, it makes almost everybody believe that they are the strongest. No one sees the failed attempts behind its success.

Similarly, our history is replete with examples of personalities who never gave up on their mission. For example, a simple bulb that we use today is a product of more than a thousand attempts made by the scientist, Thomas Edison. Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken had the taste of success after his retirement age. Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and many more are there to prove that if you are determined and persistent in your efforts, success will definitely knock at your door.

2. Never lose hope

No matter how well you are prepared to face your life, there are instances where whatever you do, nothing works. Everything around you seems to be conspiring against you and you start losing confidence. You start getting depressed and the easiest way out is to quit that line and start something fresh. This is the most common scenario and everything about it remains ‘common’. To become that extra special, you need to keep on putting efforts until you succeed. It’s here that the essence of the famous old adage can be understood – “Where there is a will, there is away.” If you learn to overcome the adversity in your life with perseverance, you will not only become successful but understand the real meaning and value of life. 

3. Personality development

Learning from your failures and overcoming it shows how perseverant you are. This quality further enhances your personal development and self-improvement. Without persistence, you are limiting the ability to grow as a person which eventually restricts the amount of success, fame, happiness, and wealth you may achieve.

4. Qualities developed

While being persistent, you unknowingly develop some positive personality traits which others admire. Accepting your failures and willingness to make it work, sharpens your skill to learn and be positive in life. You always have a set of goals to achieve and you do not believe in wasting your time. It also makes you learn how to ignore the negativity around you.


Handy feels that being persistent makes you clear about your aims and objectives and motivates you to take the things in your stride. With time, you would learn to face many difficulties and overcome almost any challenge you may encounter.