With the growing advancement in technology, especially in the field of education, conventional evaluation techniques have become very inefficient. Confidence in the traditional pen to paper assessment has depreciated and consumers are rapidly assimilating the latest digital trends. 

The necessity for online exam taking has seen some great growth with the internet taking over the world. Exam management has also been made easier with the introduction of various exam software.

In adherence to the advancement in technology and the need to facilitate e learning, most learning institutions have opted to manage their pre and post examination activities by bringing into play exam generator software.

What is an exam generator software?

It is an online web based platform used to conduct computer based exams and seek to efficiently evaluate exams through fully automated systems.

The software not only saves time but also ensures a comprehensive platform for the students to evaluate themselves by generating results and reports online.

The online software is in most cases highly secure and less prone to partial evaluations that might arise during manual corrections.

How exam generator software has improved exam management

1. Facilitates automation planning and scheduling

According to Kumar Ashwin V, 2013, Manual exam planning and management could get messier especially where there are many students to be assessed. Getting the right scope, approach and enough human resources to supervise a larger population can prove to be a strenuous job.

Exam generator software offer a perfect assessment for the educational institutions. The software will help in the pre -phase management by processing and storing student’s applications and faster generation of timetables. 

The software ensures that the lengthy formalities or the processes involved in the creation of papers, manual registration of candidates and sheet creation is eliminated. Also helps in the allotment of exam halls/invigilators with a customizable seating plan. 

2. Enhances security and confidentiality

For exams to retain its value, security and confidentiality must not be compromised. As compared to the manual situation where exam papers are printed and distributed in a hall full of students, exam generator software ensures the security and the confidentiality of exams is kept. 

The content of the exam is safely locked in a database and the access to the database is only possible for the authorized persons. This ensures no leakage is experienced. The software can randomize questions so that no students see the same question in the same order

In addition, exam software will provide an attendance marking option showing the examiners those who have logged in for the exams. Some even show faces and can detect when the students are not within the camera view. This ensures that cheating is eliminated.

3. Ensures easier accessibility and flexibility

With the software installed in student’s personal computers and with the internet, they can sit for the exam anywhere. Both students and the examiners do not need to commute to exam venues. It allows the online signing of attendance lists in a PDF document so you can never miss your name in those who took the tests. 

Depending on how the software is set, it can mark each exam and present the results to the students at the end of the examination.

4. Cost Saving

 When the exams are online, the costs of papers, printing, photocopying and distribution is eliminated. They help the administration reduce too many expenditures.

Also, compared to the situations where students and examiners have to travel to their learning institutions spending huge sums of money on fare, exam generator software has greatly cut costs for them. Examiners only have to give out instructions just with a click of a mouse.

5. Enhances statistical Analysis.

The process of collecting, transforming and organizing student’s data has been made easier by the use of exam generated software. Manually analyzing data can be very tiresome especially when dealing with a larger number and can lead to misleading conclusions and sometimes very serious distortions.

These software ensures the compared student’s date are stored well over time and that comparative analysis is done to find out the outcome of exams over time. The data can be easily pulled to after analyzing to create reports.

Despite the numerous benefits offered by these exam generated software, they also come with some challenges attached, like the infrastructural limitations. One must power connection and internet connectivity otherwise they won’t the services they need.


As the certainty for exam solutions is expanding and expected to grow more in the future, so is the need for more advanced software technologies. Exam generator software are designed to offer exceptional facilities to enable learning institutions to conduct any type of exam easily and effortlessly.

E- Examinations enables students to participate in the exams from anywhere and anytime without any restrictions provided they are registered and the schedule is out. It is cost-effective, saves much time, and very secure. In addition, they offer easier accessibility and felicity with automation planning and scheduling improving exam management.