VIDEO MARKETING has reached the greatest popularity to promote one’s site as well as, establish online credibility in the era of Internet Marketing. As most online users prefer to watch videos rather than read articles or whatever, there are more than a million online videos uploaded every day. It’s more illustrative, free and definitely preferred by most online users. It is also labeled as one of the most effective strategies forms of a campaign to get more traffic.

There are various tips and strategies on how to create ONLINE videos on the internet that are commonly used by internet marketers as you can now download your favorite videos through download vidmate. But smart internet marketers make it a point that the online video that they will be submitting should highly represent their site as well as, help them rank.

Online videos are accessible, highly sought after and very effective in reaching your target market. All you need to do is research your target market as well as, your keywords and carefully plan how you want your video is fashioned. Here are essential tips for a marketable online video:

  1. It shouldn’t take more than two minutes – people usually don’t finish the entire video or don’t even click the video if it’s more than 2 or 5 minutes

2. The audio and visual materials should be in coordination with the site’s theme

3. A hip musical score can complement your video

4. Don’t prolong the transitions – it just drags everyone

5. Put a little humor

6. You should flash your website before and after the video only

7. Make an appropriate video for your target market

After creating these videos, one must submit it ONLY to HIGHLY REPUTABLE with HIGH DAILY TRAFFIC video submission sites so that it can reach millions of viewers.

First on the list is obviously YouTube. It will make your videos visible to more than 50 million viewers from all over the world. Today, this site is still on the top rank when it comes to video uploading, viewing, and sharing.

Second, the list is Facebook. Yes, you heard it right. Facebook can also help you promote your videos. Millions of Facebook users can view your videos even without downloading a Flash Player. Considering the fact that Facebook has millions of users, it can really help you gain more viewers.

Next in the list is MySpace. You can also download videos through 9app. Although Facebook is more popular today, we cannot deny the fact that many still use MySpace for videos so it still one of the most effective video submission sites. Another is Vimeo. Some may say that it is more classy compared to YouTube.

Technically speaking, smart internet marketers use this best online strategy because it is more convenient to use. There are heaps of video submission sites that have a lot of followers and their rubbish not to utilize this avenue or abused. As you help your site get the publicity and traffic, using an online video strategy is by far a proven and effective strategy to help you in your online business. See you at the TOP!

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