Living in a rental property can greatly reduce or limit your design options. With bland paints, unchangeable cabinets and fixtures, and the threat of being kicked out or losing your security deposit if you try to make any changes, most renters often suppress their personal style and instead settle for just for builder-grade basic.

However, it does not always have to be this same way. All you need to do is to get creative with your walls, accessories, and furniture. That way, you can change your home décor and have a very colorful and inviting home without necessarily having to infuriate your landlord or sacrifice your deposit. So, if you are living in a rental property and you love colors, we have listed for you some of the most effective ways to add colors that will bring joy to your home and life.

1. Color your floor

One of the simplest ways to improve your home color is to color your floor. You can do this by bringing home some dash of colors to the rental property. A home with neutral furnishings and minimal wooden furniture would look great, vibrant and spacious if you add bright rugs on the floor. You can purchase rugs that can also double up as great wall hangings.

How to Add Colors to Rental Property

2. Wall to wall

More often than not, most homeowners prefer painting their walls in order to bring color and excitement to space. But property managers and landlords often forbid changing the interior paint color of the interior. You need to think beyond just paint. That way, you will realize that there are several ways you can dress up the walls without even touching any paintbrush. 

Go for art pieces that mix admirably with your home décor and the feature punchy colors. Lord Krishna Flute Playing Wall Décor is a great piece of art that you can add to your wall. This hand-made wall décor that is made from durable iron parts and coated with anti-rust chemicals would actually brighten any wall. You can also purchase a Round Shaped Wooden Wall Clock With Multicolor Border to color your home and make your home interior look colorful and more interesting. 

Instead of the traditional candle hangings that can sometimes be boring, you can opt for a Laxmi And Ganesh Metallic Wall Hanging. It is a candle hanging that incorporates ethnic and traditional design. You can also have a large piece of canvas and paint a mural on it before tacking it over your entire wall if you have an artistic streak. If you are not artistically inclined, you can use removable decals or wallpaper in bright shades and attention-grabbing designs to provide an instant boost to your home décor and general look. 

How to Add Colors to Rental Property

3. Bring nature to your home

Adding flowers and plants is another great way to beautifully add colors to a rental property. Use the empty corners of the home and window sills to great indoor plants that also have beautiful flowers. For your kitchen sill, it’s a great idea to have a well-kept kitchen garden and grow some herbs. You don’t have to have a kitchen garden or color your home with natural plants if you are not able to effectively take care of the natural plants. You can simply opt for artificial plants to replace the greens. 

How to Add Colors to Rental Property

4. Bright upholstery

Having bright upholstery is another excellent way of adding colors to a rental property. You should use a color scheme which will bring together blue, green, red, and yellow. You can mix these happy colors across your home furnishings including bed covers, curtains, and cushions. 

How to Add Colors to Rental Property