There are many reasons to write about celebrating Diwali in 2020. This year has been a roller coaster ride, and the end is still unforeseeable. 2020 started off like any year on the calendar with parties around the world and people making their new-year resolutions. But, just after the first month of the year, things started to change, and by the end of February, the Corona Virus attack changed everything. 

Life in most parts of the world comes to stand-still as governing authorities banned social gathering and nation-wide lockdowns were imposed in many countries. Apart from knocking down social life, the lockdown has also knocked-off the economies of many countries. Millions of people lost their jobs and businesses came at the verge of shutting down.

Nine months down the year, the situation is still not favourable. Even after the countless efforts of governing authorities, the spread of the Virus is roaring loudly in many countries. And so, celebrating festivals like Diwali is not going to be the way it was last year and the years before.

We all need to accept some changes and our Diwali celebrations should follow accordingly. 

Avoid Large Gatherings

Gatherings and parties are part of the Diwali celebrations for many people. Inviting friends and relatives at your place or being invited by someone else may have been the way you love to celebrate Diwali, but this year, you should avoid it. CoronaVirus is now more asymptomatic, which makes it more dangerous and if you get included in gathering on Diwali, then you will surely be at risk of getting infected.

Online Meets

Instead of visiting your near and dear ones to exchange sweets on the occasion of Diwali, you should do that with the power of the internet. Have video calls and greet each other via online meeting. And through specialised video calling applications and software, you can even host a family meet online. Well, do not think that it’s online so you can skip getting ready in Diwali special attires. That’s necessary! Make all your efforts to make that online meets feel like you are meeting in person. Accept and flow with the new normal.

Don’t Use Firecrackers 

Well, we don’t really know who and why started using firecrackers to commemorate the festival of Diwali. It is celebrated to mark the homecoming of God Rama, and according to the Granths, it was done by lighting up Diyas by the people of Ayodhya province. And another hard reason to not use firecrackers is the alarming situation of pollution level and global warming. So, make it the festival of bringing happiness to people and goodness to nature and earth. Say no to firecrackers! 

Cut A Cake With Family

If you instil the sense of good modernisation in traditional festivals, it gives you memories and moments that last forever. And so, we suggest you make the celebrations of Diwali in 2020 memorable by having a cake cutting ceremony with your family. Order a Diwali special cake via an online cake delivery in Kolkata or wherever you live and opt for the zero-contact delivery feature. Many online cake shops provide cakes for Diwali with a special design.

Send Gifts Online

This Diwali, you can send gifts online to those who are really close to your heart and without whom your celebrations are incomplete. You can choose to send sweets, dry fruits, chocolate boxes, Diya sets, combos, hampers, and personalised gifts. Look for an online gifting portal that promises to provide timely delivery of best quality gifts. And for that, you can go through the reviews and examine the website properly.

Help The Needy Ones

Festivals like Diwali are all about scattering happiness around. And it is the best chance to help the needy ones around you. We don’t ask you to go beyond your limits. Do whatever you can. Be it providing a packet of biscuit or a ration for full-month. You can use your budget of firecrackers in providing food and clothes to someone. We guarantee you that the smile on the face of those people you will help will bring more joy and satisfaction to you than bursting firecrackers.

We hope that you get what we wanted to convey through this write-up. Have a happy and safe Diwali!