If nothing beats the pleasure of listening to music on your desktop or laptop computer, the experience is even better when you have quality computer speakers. A 2.1 system with two speakers for high frequencies and a subwoofer for low frequencies is ideal for listening to your favorite songs. Movie lovers will appreciate the enhanced audio experience offered by computer surround speakers. If mobility is important to you, your choice will be made with wireless speakers. Shop the speakers that suit you right away so you can get the most out of the music you love. Go to your trusted audio shop right away so you can get the most out of the music you love.

2.0 computer speakers

If you are looking for computer speakers that take up little space on a desk, the 2.0 speaker system. is ideal. A 2.0 system includes two speakers, one on the left and one on the right. The amplifier needed to increase the volume of the sound and improve its quality is located inside one of the speakers. The subwoofers of most 2.0 systems are relatively small. Their design is more compact and their low frequencies are less powerful than those produced by 2.1 computer speakers.

2.1 computer speakers

Like the 2.0, the 2.1 system includes two satellite speakers that sit on the desk. In addition to that, it is equipped with a large speaker / amplifier assembly which is placed under the desk. The 2.1 system satellite speakers are usually smaller than the 2.0 system speakers because they should not produce low frequency sounds. The sound spectrum is provided by the speaker located below, better known as the subwoofer. If you want to listen to music or watch movies using a system that produces rich and powerful sound, choose best computer speakers under 50.

Wireless computer speakers

In a very short time, wireless computer speakers have become the norm for good reasons. People who take their music wherever they go will love having a pair of wireless speakers handy. Another advantage offered by wireless speakers is the absence of cables. However, for convenience, most wireless speakers are also equipped with an input to connect them. You need to consider not only the quality of the speakers but also the type of wireless technology used. You can choose between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple Airplay.

Laptop speakers

Laptops and tablets are excellent portable media players that allow you to listen to music or watch movies anywhere. Since built-in speakers usually lack power, consider connecting these devices to more powerful external speakers. There are laptop speakers in a variety of shapes and sizes, including mini speakers or bulky devices. Before making your choice, think about how you will use the speakers. Small speakers that can be carried anywhere and powerful enough to enjoy music at full volume are a popular choice.

Buying Tips:

  • 2.0 speakers are suitable for ordinary use.
  • 2.1 systems include an extreme subwoofer and are best suited for listening to music.
  • Surround speakers provide enveloping sound and are great for watching movies and playing games.
  • If portability is important to you, choose wireless speakers.
  • If you want to connect your speakers to more than one device, look for additional inputs.
  • Speakers with built-in controls can help adjust the volume, bass, and treble.

Manufacturer Specifications

When shopping for speakers, carefully consider the manufacturer’s specifications for sound quality. While some data is useful, be aware that there is no official testing methodology for categorizing speakers. This is why there are many exaggerations and information that could guide you during your purchase. Don’t just rely on the specifications and do some online research to find out what experts and audiophiles have to say about the speakers you’re considering.

Orders +

Entry-level speakers do not have controls. All volume and bass and treble level adjustments must be made from a computer or remote control. For optimal customization, choose speakers with integrated controls. Computer systems 2.0 and 2.1 are usually equipped with controls built into one of the satellite speakers, the subwoofer, or both speakers.

Auxiliary inputs +

PC speakers have one or two or more audio input jacks. The more there are, the better. If a system offers only one entry, it can only be used with one computer. Your family can listen to music using other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Look for models with multiple audio jacks so these devices can be used with your speakers.

USB + port

Some computer speakers are powered by a USB port rather than a power cord or batteries. On these models, the USB cable provides the power necessary to operate the amplifier and the audio signal. You have one less cable to manage. Most laptops have USB ports for easier use. However, the USB ports are not very powerful. As a result, USB powered speakers are often smaller and the sound quality they produce does not equal that of mains powered or battery powered speakers sold at a similar price.