So, you have sent a friend request to your kids on Instagram but they haven’t approved it yet? You have asked them to approve it quite a few times but they seem to have turned a deaf ear to it? Well, accept the fact that they don’t want you to follow each and every event they enjoy with their friends. They need some space and privacy. So, you must not act at all that pushy.

Nevertheless, we understand that as parents, you do not want to intrude in their space or make them uncomfortable in any way. We know that you just want to keep an eye on their activities as you are concerned about their safety and well-being. Interestingly, we have something that can help you further this task. There are certain sites that allow you to secretly keep a track of the activities of Instagram users. You can become an anonymous Insta stalker with the help of these sites and find out what is happening in your children’s life.

Let us have a closer look at the kind of access such sites grant:

View Profile

All you need to do is to type in the username and you shall be able to view their complete Insta profile instantly.

Insta Stories

You will be able to see the latest Insta stories posted by the users you are stalking. So, you can easily keep a track of all the stories your kids are posting.

Insta Feeds

All the images and videos posted by them in their direct feeds will also be visible to you with just the click of a button.

Friends’ List

You will be able to browse through their friends’ list to see as to who all are added there. You can even visit their friend’s profile to know more about them.

So, this way you don’t need to wait for your children to approve your friend request so as to view their activities on Instagram. Just use this great tool to keep close watch on their activities. You will be in a better position to guide them and keep them on track when you know what they are up to.