Travel packing doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right strategy and planning, you can pack your items in such a way that you’ll save luggage space. When you save space, you won’t need to bring extra suitcases and bags on your trip. One idea is to purchase space-saving bags. These bags allow you to squeeze any air out of them and it makes packing easier. Another idea would be to use your suitcase’s extra pockets for storage. Here are some additional tips on saving space. Or you can visit for more travel tips.  

Roll Some of Your Items

This is one of the best packing tips to remember. Some of the best items to roll are undergarments, small T-shirts, pajamas, small pants, socks, undershirts, and tank tops. To save even more space, put the rolled items inside space-saving bags before placing them in the suitcase. 

Pack Shoes at the Bottom of Suitcase

​​​​​​By packing your shoes at the bottom of the suitcase, the weight of the items in your suitcase is evenly distributed.

Know What You’ll Need to Pack

​​​​​​​This saves you the headache of packing far too many things for your trip. If you’re going on a winter business trip, you will probably need to pack some scarves, hats, gloves, and maybe boots. Or if you’re packing as a wedding guest, you might pack your wedding outfit and everyday clothes for the next few days.

Pack That iPad Instead of Magazines and Books

​​​​​​​Why bring a bunch of magazines when all you need is an iPad? The iPad offers numerous apps that allow you to read your favorite publications and books. 

Don’t Forget The Packing Cubes

​​​​​​​If you don’t like space-saving bags, use packing cubes. They’re small enough to fit most suitcases and do the same job as the bags. Packing cubes also keep you from having to bring additional luggage with you, especially if you’re packing light.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothes on the Plane

​​​​​​​Bulky clothing items such as coats, jeans, and large boots can be worn when you get on the plane. This is one of the most popular travel tips and for good reason. This technique saves space in your suitcase.

Pack A Capsule Wardrobe

​​​​​​​It also helps to minimize your clothing supply by packing a simple capsule wardrobe. This could include a few tops, a sweater, two pairs of jeans, a jacket, and three pairs of shoes. If you’re attending a formal event, pack a special outfit.

Don’t Pack Large Gadgets

​​​​​​​Unless you’re traveling for business purposes, there is no need to pack your bulky electronic devices. Only pack lighter ones such as your digital camera, e-reader, or wireless charger. 

Cut Back on The Toiletries

​​​​​​​You don’t need to pack all of your favorite toiletries because you can buy these once you arrive at your destination. Many drugstores and dollar stores have sales on toiletries so this also saves you money as well as time.

Have Gifts Shipped

​​​​​​​Instead of packing most of your gifts in a second suitcase, order the gifts and have them shipped to the people you’ revisiting.

In conclusion, these travel tips will reduce the stress of preparing for your trip.