All of us are getting extremely picky these days when it comes to the clothes we wear. It’s good to choose what the best is for you. To go for the best, it is very important to have a basic understanding of what is exactly you are looking for. Choosing the right thermal wear for women can be difficult as the thermals come in all types and fabrics. Here is everything you need to know about women thermal wear and which one to pick for yourself:

Types of Thermals Worn by Women

Thermals are usually worn in winters and every woman wears it for different reasons.

  • A homemaker would usually go for ¾ sleeve top and bottom thermals which wouldn’t restrict her from doing the household chores. It is comfortable and can easily be worn underneath a salwar suit or gown. The ¾ sleeved thermals can also be worn over a blouse or as a night outerwear.
  • Working women usually go for the camisole top thermal and the bottom. It not only keeps them warm but also is very comfortable in the hectic working days.
  • Women who are travel enthusiasts or spend most of the time outdoors or at camps, they wear thermals depending on the outerwear that they use at that particular time. Camisole tops and ¾ sleeved tops with the thermal bottom are the most popular thermal wear among these women.
  • All those sports-loving women who are also active athletics, they are often being a part of snowboarding, skiing and other such cold weather activities which require thicker thermals. So, they protect themselves by full sleeved thermals and bottoms in extreme cold climatic conditions.

Which fabric to go for?

Thermal wear for women made from pure cotton is losing their charm as it is the extra weight of cotton that provides the thermal insulation. Moreover, cotton-made thermals are not the first choice of women anymore because of moisture retention by cotton. 

Wool is usually seen as a better alternative of cotton when it comes to thermal wear for women. However, wool can get a bit heavy on the pocket as it is more expensive than cotton. Woollen thermals give warmth as well as lets moisture wicked away off our skin. 

Cotton polyester fabric has emerged as the go-to fabric for women’s thermals. These are warm and comfortable and control moisture to a great extent. Not only that, thermals which are made by blending fabrics (like cotton and polyester), often have control systems for wetness and odour to provide optimum comfort.

Now that you have got an in-depth insight into all the fabrics and types of thermal wear available in the market, you can decide wisely and go for the one that suits you the best. Usage conditions, silhouette and fabricof, are some of the key things to keep in mind while choosing a thermal for you. The right sort of thermal can make you look stylish without making your cold in the winter days.

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