The content marketers are aware of the importance of guest blogging. Content marketing is important for any business to run successfully. The main intention of content development is to develop extraordinary contents so that the audience enjoys and share the content. Pitching a guest blog post is very important; here are a few tips to write perfect blogs to be published. 

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1.    Concentrating on the subject line 

To grab the editor’s attention, it is believed to have a bombastic and clever subject. An interesting subject line has more chances to enhance the open rates of pitches. Subject lines may have 

•    An interesting static that is linked to the content to be written

•    probing a question associated with the content to be written

•    making use of seasonal trends

•    mentioning the editor name

•    mentioning the topic to be written

The bloggers should never be disturbed about the subject line’s length. 

2.    Visiting the blog and reading it 

It is mandatory to remember that bloggers writing for a specific blog are to understand the content to know the writing style. The bloggers should know their writing style, the depth, and topics of the post covered. This is made possible only when their posts or blogs are read several times. 

3.    The body of the email

To develop a great guest post pitch there are few parameters to be used. It is important to invest effort and time to write a good guest post as it represents attention and abilities. The guest pitch should possess the following 

•    The overall structure: This shows if the blogger can structure ideas in a simple and logical format. 

•    Absence of grammar errors: This shows that the blogger is proofreading the content. 

•    The suggestion of topics: Shows the understanding of the blog and audience interest. 

•    The topic description and prior work: This represents the blogger’s expertise and engaging way of writing. 

4.    Personalizing guest post pitches 

To reach a maximum success rate of outreach campaigns, personalized guest post pitches are mandatory. Personalization of guest post pitches is done by focusing on parts of the email. Guest posts can be personalized by 

•    mentioning the liked post and reason for liking

•    Mentioning the name of the editor. 

•    suggesting the topics for the blog your pitching

•    At times of sending previous work examples, it would be great to mention the appropriate content for their topics. 

•    At times of research aspects that were found personal can be mentioned. 

Apart from these, there are other few elements too such as including GIF, meme, inviting to share or check, asking for an opinion on specific issues, and also by adding content at the pitch end.

5.    Comment on blogs

After reading many sets of blogs it is vital to comment on them and initiate an interaction. The first step is to pick a few interesting blogs and leave meaningful comments on them. Value is added to the post when any suggestion or meaningful question is posted. Almost all authors of blog posts would reply to comments and this would be a great chance to know about you. 

6.    Initiate introduction 

Once the comments are approved it would be a good idea to reach the blog owner using email. Discuss the good aspects of the blog and also probe questions regarding their website. By this way, the two parties are engaged. 

7.    Write once and edit twice 

Irrespective of the content, if there are grammar and spelling errors, about 50% of editors delete the pitch. Hence the quality of the pitch and quality of the content is important to avoid rejection. Editors do not have the patience or time to correct grammar and spelling errors. Hence a perfectly crafted pitch letter is important where there are minor changes such as style and occasional changes. 

Blogger outreach services

With all these useful ideas, writing a perfect guest post can also be achieved by holding hands with blogger outreach services. Blogger outreach is business where they work with bloggers for promoting the brand, product or any service. Bloggers are ones who already have an association with the community and hence the business can gain from such connection. 

Bloggers are ones who write perfect and also possess a lively community using telling personal, authentic and honest stories. This brings in trust which turns into action and makes bloggers powerful. There are several ways to get associated with bloggers to achieve goals. These blogger outreach services play the main role in the generation of engaging and creative implementation.