All kinds of businesses are exploring themselves within the realm of AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to statistics, the worldwide market of AI will cross $89 billion by 2025. Mobile apps and user experience have also advanced to a great extent. As it is your whole daily routine depends on these simple apps as the smartphone revolution has changed everything from upside and down. But gone are the days when we used to operate the apps, in the era of AI it does it for you. It would not be at all exaggerated to say that AI is the biggest miraculous event in human history. Integrating AI in mobile app development is a big contribution that will eventually affect the society and change the world in due course. 

Though people still think that Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana is the most conspicuous outcome of AI to date, there is a lot more to it. There has been a paradigm shift lately in the manner mobile apps are developed. Machines are becoming more humane in terms of responding; this is the real beauty of AI. Like we humans learn from our past faults and failures, AI to behave in the same way. It makes a record of all the past interactions and experiences and behaves differently the next time the same command is given. Sounds revolutionary, indeed it is. The overall goal of AI is to give a better user experience every next time. 

Even in a cso conference india, it was stated that safety at the workplace has been an area of specific concern. South Asia continues to be economically dynamic, demographically rich and inherently fragile. This makes the role of CSOs immensely valuable and challenging.

By integrating AI in mobile app development it brings more convenience, familiarity and personalized and smart features into simple apps. Sometimes by giving a single line command to the current day apps perform tasks that were unimaginable just a decade before. Talking about the present numerous Mobile Insight apps are using one or the other form of AI and improving overall user engagement. But this all would have not been possible without the development in the cloud computing field. Both AI and cloud computing go hand in hand. As any kind of deep learning needs a supervised learning approach with a tremendous amount of data and computational power. This all could not have been possible without the intervention of cloud computing. It renders developers and researches use more computational power and putting all the measures and theories on the cloud. With more cloud computing there is better accuracy and faster processing speed.

Nowadays, apps take input and give output very differently which has changed the behavioral aspects of AI-powered apps. There always been this reason for an app failure for not being user-centric and thus does not sustain long enough in this the current cut-throat competition which is ruled by AI. Nevertheless, this helps in improving the profitability of business potential. Due to this AI has become an inseparable part of mobile apps.

The tasks that human mediation like speech interpretation and recognition, basic leadership and visual perception now can be easily handled through AI. The AI-powered mobile apps can be classified on some defined levels. Some are strong and the others are weak mobile apps. Weak AI-powered mobile apps are just an advanced version of weak mobile apps. The weak mobile apps are the ones who can mimic a person i.e. they can think and act in a way a human being does. Whereas, a weak mobile app just mimics a human being in terms of activities.  

Top development trends in AI-powered mobile apps

The year 2020 seems to be quite promising for businesses showing positive signs in adopting game-changing technology and will get valuable results out of it. All tech buyers or app developers are aware of what wonders AI can do. It’s not like that it has been like a revelation, it’s just that it was near to impossible to know that at this level AI can touch our lives directly or indirectly. These AI trends are not those some traditional IT trends which have come and go it is the only mainstay in the business world. So without wasting any further more time lets delve into the potency of AI and how commodious it makes our daily used apps-

  • Image recognition is for real-  Everyone would relate to this, whenever we head out for having lunch or for just casual hanging out with friends the major concern comes forward to search for a place with good food and also good ambiance. With “Google Lens”, no more to worry all your outings are sorted. By using Google Lens, you would get the reviews, ratings as well as average budget for a decent lunch or dinner. Isn’t this amazing and saves your time too much greater extent. If you are already bewildered, then wait for more. Do calculations make scratch your head whenever the bill comes up. Google Lens is here at your service, you just need to point your camera over the bill and it will automatically calculate the bill and will also split the bill for you if you need it.
  • Manage real-time customer interactions across all channels – As we are moving into 2020, marketing becomes truly real-time with the help of AI. Not even a single person could differentiate the real voice and the AI voice. It has come up to a point where it does not even seem like an impersonation of the human being. It was already 27 % of the market where AI was used as a caricature of a human being. You can imagine it yourself what would be its spread by the time we enter 2020.
  • Self-targeting new audiences- Due to the self-learning techniques and algorithms of AI is passionate about identifying new audiences and target them irrespective of the source of presence on social media. So the tension of when and how to expand your business and whom and from where to target your audience is all taken care of by AI. Proactive marketing coupled with predictive analytics that is the thing of the most utility among all the AI-related technologies.
  • Live subtitles on your videos- You face problems anywhere and Google has the solution for it. Belonging to the youth generation, you might face this problem many times a film of a foreign language but you are eager to watch it due to its IMDB ratings. Many a time you don’t find the subtitles for the same. Google has come up with this revolutionary AI technology which will soon begin with adding “live subtitles” to your videos. Not only videos, even your video calls, and even video chats will be having this live subtitles option. This has been launched keeping in mind the people who are deaf or have impaired hearing problems.
  • AI taking place of your financial advisors and accountants- According to a prediction by 2020, 30% of global companies will be using AI in at least one of the sales processes. They are going to predict revenue for the upcoming quarters or annual closing. Without any doubt, AI will be more informed than any of your overqualified employees. This future of AI is not much farsighted.

The impact of AI on mobile app development has always been revolutionary. We just have to see how much this can be escalated and how much more can be integrated into our mobile apps using AI. We are looking forward to experiencing several remarkable features.

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